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Unicorns are everywhere, making regular appearances in kids TV shows, books, beauty products, fashion and toys (the list could go on and on…). The mythical creatures continue to enchant children all over the world with their flowing manes and glittery horns. They are just so popular that they even have their own national day! In celebration of National Unicorn Day, we’ve taken a look at some of the most magical unicorn toys that will leave little ones captivated and fire up their imagination.

Little Live Pets Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn – RRP £22.99
Now your little one can look after their very own unicorn, well sort of! Introducing Sparkles, the magical dancing unicorn! Brush, feed and pat Sparkles to interact with her. Your child will in awe as she nuzzles and dances to her music all while making cute unicorn sounds! Oh, and did we forget to mention that her horn lights up?!

Pikmi Pops Style Jumbo Plush – Dream The Stretchy Unicorn – RRP £22.99
Pikmi Pops’ Dream The Stretchy Unicorn is super soft, sweet scented and has a really cute look. Dream The Stretchy Unicorn is just so huggable and combines secret messages and surprises with collecting! Each comes with one scented Jumbo Plush, a surprise message and up to three amazing surprises and dangler strings all stored in a lollipop vessel and stand.

Mash’ems Hatch’ems Unicorns – RRP £4.99
Crack and hatch a squishy surprise with Mash’ems Hatch’ems Unicorns! Kids love surprise toys and blind bags – and the element of not knowing which unicorn you’re going to get really adds to the magic! Pop the lid then bop the top and watch in amazement as a unicorn hatches from the egg and magically grows! Who will you find inside? The Mash’ems Hatch’ems Unicorns are a fabulous pocket money toy that can be exchanged with friends to complete the collection.

Moon Unicorn Stallion – RRP £14.99 and Shooting Star Unicorn Foal – RRP £7.99 (we couldn’t just pick one…)
New to Schleich’s bayala range is the majestic Moon Unicorn Stallion and the cute Shooting Star Unicorn Foal. The proud stallion is a moon unicorn and, with his friendly, alert eyes, always keeps watch over his family – the star Pegasus Mare and their Shooting Star Unicorn Foal. The Shooting Star Unicorn Foal is bold and curious as it explores the magical world of bayala. Whether your little one enjoys playing alone or with others, Schleich animals are fantastic for imaginative play! Kids will love galloping around the house with these unicorns.

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations Sparklin’ Unicorn Kit – RRP £19.99
Just like unicorns, slime is everywhere right now! The Cra-Z-Slimy Creations Sparklin’ Unicorn Kit includes everything you need to make sparkling unicorn slime and mystical unicorn poop! Experiment with glitter, stars and make your own unique creations.

DM3 XL Fluffy Unicorn  – RRP £26.99
In the words of Agnes from Despicable Me: “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” This super soft plush from Posh Paws International makes the perfect companion for both cuddles and play!

Puppy Surprise – Crystal Rainbow Unicorn Plush Toy Set  – RRP £24.99
Made with soft huggable fabrics and beautiful details, each precious mummy unicorn comes with a surprise number of babies in her litter – either three, four or five! Kids just love these added extras! Your little one will want to cuddle and stroke her whimsical rainbow coat and show her off to friends and family!

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