This week we’re celebrating the launch of this year’s must-have smart fidget… TapTap® Smart Fidget!

Toymaker Character Options joins us for a week of fun as we introduce this brilliant boredom-busting, brain training gadget!

TapTap® Smart Fidget is the miniature gamer that combines fidget-style play with learning, providing endless entertainment for adults and kids alike.

So, what’s in store for the next week?

Expect an introduction to this super-fun toy, as well as a chance to win your very own TapTap® Smart Fidget, plus an interesting review of distraction toys in childhood years.

Join the takeover today so you don’t miss a thing.


Win a TapTap® Smart Fidget!
Win a TapTap® Smart Fidget!
Get your hands on the ultimate boredom-busting smart gadget …

Parenting Mum

Discover TapTap® Smart Fidget!
Discover TapTap® Smart Fidget!
The must-have miniature gamer is now at your fingertips

Expert Advice

Distraction toys: an essential part childhood  
Distraction toys: an essential part childhood  
From boredom busting to keeping kids calm, fidget toys serve many roles in childhood
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