We don’t think there will be many of us that could honestly say they didn’t get into the festive spirit just a little bit too much and are now waking up in January to a few higher than expected credit cards bills. If you fit into that category, take heed of these top 10 money managing tips to sort out your debt.  Some are short term must dos and others are more of a financial lifestyle change. But even if you just look at a couple and stick to them they may help you in the coming months.

  1. Switch to a 0% balance transfer credit card – Google it, there are some really good deals out there.
  2. Reject increases in your credit card APR. It really isn’t going to solve the problem.
  3. Need a loan? Join your local credit union – they often offer cheaper loans.
  4. Avoid payday loans and other forms of high-cost credit.
  5. Work towards improving your credit score – it can help you negotiate better loan deals.
  6. Pay more than the minimum on your credit card.
  7. Consolidate your debts with a personal loan.
  8. Get an authorised overdraft.
  9. Pay off debt before saving. You’ll pay so much more interest on money owed.
  10. And always consider getting free independent debt advice.


What are your top tips for paying off your Christmas bills? Let us know by commenting down below.

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