This week, Simba Toys UK has taken over on UKMums.TV to bring you the Steffi Love takeover! You can read more about this fantastic collection via the Steffi Love takeover page. But why is playing is doll play as popular today as it was generations ago? We look at why dolls are not only fun to play with, but also why they’re so beneficial for children who are discovering the world around them.

Children have been playing with dolls for millennia, with the earliest dolls dating back to the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Cherished as playthings, and crafted as art pieces, there are few toys that have enjoyed such long-lasting popularity! But what is it about them that children love?

More than just a plaything, a doll is often a companion for young children, who will often use their dolls as a sounding board to help vent and express innermost thoughts and feelings. Realistic dolls are ideal for pretend play, allowing children to let their imaginations run free. This allows them to see and discover the world in fun and new ways through imaginative play.  

And research has shown that playing with a doll has many benefits for a child. Offering children emotional security, dolls can help with a child’s overall wellbeing. And the role-play that dolls encourage can also help kids develop empathy, as well as encouraging them to see things from different perspectives and familiarising them with the world at large, in a safe and controlled way. Dolls can also be very helpful tool when it comes to preparing children for the arrival of a new sibling, helping to potty-train a child, as well as helping little ones adopt other important routines, like a healthy sleeping pattern – all whilst encouraging creativity and keeping kids entertained.  

Of course, the merits of doll play go much deeper than this, but isn’t it incredible how much children stand to learn and gain from their dolls?

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