We are thrilled to announce the winners of the UK Mums TV Pre-school and Baby Awards 2023, in five categories.

Today we will be revealing the winners of the following categories:

  • Best Early Years Products for On-the-Go
  • Sleep & Soothing
  • Safety
  • Feeding
  • Health & Care

Our baby awards recognise and celebrate the best products available for young families.

We are proud to present the winners of these categories, which have been chosen based on their quality, innovation, and overall excellence. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Best Early Years Health and Care Products

The products that have come top in the Best Early Years Health and Care Products category are perfect for keeping little ones healthy, clean, and well! Here are this year’s baby awards winners!

Joint Gold

Splash About Splash Jammers

(RRP £16.99) from Splash About International

About the product: Innovative Splash Jammers are specifically designed for potty-training toddlers; uniquely bridging the gap from swim nappies to swimwear. Splash Jammers are technically designed to provide all the protection and reassurance against unwelcome leaks that you get from Splash About’s award-winning swim nappies but in a more grown-up design.

Perfect for potty training, now there’s no need to switch back to nappies for a trip to the pool!

No disposables are needed either, Jammers are eco-friendly, robust, reusable, reliable, and swim-school approved; made from premium non-fade neoprene, they are designed to last as long as they fit your child(ren)!

Our tester said:

“Splash Jammers have heaps of positives, including the UV 50+ sun protection, the built-in swim nappy, beautiful designs and its easy zip-up style. The fact that you can pick from lots of different designs is an added bonus! They look just like regular swimwear and the little ones find them comfy!”

Joint Gold

Splash About Happy Nappy DUO

(RRP £17.99) from Splash About

About the product: Reusable, 100% reliable, long-lasting and cost-effective, the Happy Nappy DUO is the only swim nappy a baby needs. Made from soft neoprene with specialist ribbing at the waist and thighs to contain unwelcome accidents, the 2-in-1 DUO has a unique anti-bacterial Silver Lining.

This lining is scientifically proven to kill any faecal bacteria present which is responsible for nasty tummy bugs once in the pool water. Approved by swim schools as the required double nappy system, which means you don’t need to buy disposables, saving money & the environment.

Perfect for holidays, with no bulky disposables to pack, it provides UPF50+ sun protection & dries quickly too, ideal for little ones who are in & out of the water all day.

Suitable from 0-3 years, it’ll last as long as it fits – typically 6-12 months.

Our tester said:

“The Happy Nappy DUO swim nappies make swimming lessons and trips to the pool so carefree! Its clever all-in-one double nappy system eliminates the need for disposable swim nappies – so it’s great for eco-conscious families and a brilliant way to save money. Love the designs!”



(RRP from £0) from Onoco

About the product:

Most baby apps focus on tracking individual elements of a baby’s health and development, leading to difficulties in understanding insights and parents being able to share these with other caregivers.

At Onoco, we believe that everything should be at hand in one app – one that’s smart, safe and easy to share.

Onoco is free to download with an upgrade option to Onoco Premium (starting at £4 per month when taken annually) which provides additional personalisation.



(RRP £15.99) from Thumble Baby Care

About the product: AstroGNAW® is a 100% ethically sourced handmade natural rubber teether, bath & sensory toy which has been painted using permanent natural pigments. It’s highly detailed design and realistic features make it a great sensory and educational teether and toy, which can be used to excite their imaginations throughout childhood (making it great value for money too!). With no holes, no nasty bacteria can develop inside making it perfect for bath time play.

Best On the Go Products

Getting out of the house with baby comes with its challenges, but there are some brilliant products that make life on-the-go that little bit easier! From baby changing to carriers, slings to changing bags, and more. Here are our testers’ favourite products that promise to make getting out that little bit easier.


Noordi Aqua

(RRP £1299.00) from UAB Baltic Baby World

About the product: The Noordi Aqua is a lightweight, compact stroller that is built to last. With Scandinavian design and ergonomic solutions in place, the stroller has double roof air ventilation, high handle of the frame, seat cushion, which increases comfort and support, smart amortization system, adjustable lateral shock absorption system.

The stroller comes with a THERMOPAD technology carrycot, durable chassis and ultralight features it sets it apart from other strollers on the market.

Our tester said:

“Whilst the set-up would benefit from a second pair of hands, the process itself was really simple. It took just a few minutes until it was ready for use. Folding the stroller down for travel and alternating between the carrycot and seat unit was also super simple!

Beyond this, the quality is fantastic, the design is sturdy and robust, and the stroller is easy to manoeuvre.

There’s obviously a great amount of thought that’s gone into the design and usability. The only drawback would be if you have a very small car or very limited storage space at home, as it isn’t one of the most compact strollers.”


Scion Pram Organiser by Scion Living

(RRP £39.95) from Enesco

About the product: This Mr Fox pram organiser will keep all your essentials and valuables close at hand when you are out and about with your little one. This functional and fashionable bag easily attaches to your pram with Velcro straps.

Made from 100% lightweight, sturdy and surface washable polyester fabric. Enesco is proud to present its brand-new licensed Scion Baby Collection. Height: 28.0cm

Best Early Years Sleep and Soothing Products

Good sleep is essential for early development. And our tester families have been busy this year, trying out a host of brilliant products to aid with sleep and soothing. Here are the products that came out top in this year’s Baby & Preschool Awards…


Rockit Rocker (new rechargeable version)

(RRP £49.95) from Rockit

About the product:

Rockit keeps babies moving and snoozing. Simply attach it to any pram or stroller, push the button and adjust the speed to gently rock your baby, just like you would. You can use it indoors and out and scientific tests show the soothing movement is gentler than a pushchair moving over paving stones.

It costs just £49.95 and what’s more, it’s now rechargeable so no need to buy batteries.
It’s one giant sleep for baby kind!

Our tester said:

“The Rockit Rocker has a lovely design and is easy to use. It’s also nice that it is rechargeable and it feels really robust. It helped our baby stay asleep for longer. An excellent concept and we’d absolutely recommend it! Plus, it’s genius that it can evolve as children grow. It can be used across different buggies and pushchairs.”

Joint Silver

VTech RM7766HD Smart Video Baby Monitor

(RRP £169.99) from VTech

About the product: Nap times can be a real handful, but they don’t have to be. This Vtech smart baby monitor has a large 7″ colour LCD screen, so you can watch over your little one without being in the same room. You won’t have to worry about walking over that creaky floorboard and waking them up early.

The 135° wide angle lens covers more of their room, so you won’t miss a single movement, however small. And with a 10x remote digital zoom, you’ll be able to watch every one of your little one’s adorable facial expressions as they sleep – or is that just wind?

Joint Silver

VTech VM5463

(RRP £99.99) from VTech

About the product: 5″ High-Resolution colour LCD, Overhead night show Projection, Night light feature, wall mountable, secure digital and audio transmission, Full Motion Video, 1.33x digital Zoom, Pan & Tilt, 9 – levels sound activation mode, Automatic infrared night vision, 4 x natural sounds and 5 x Lullabies, Talkback intercom, Temperature sensor.

5 inches High-Resolution colour LCD, secure digital and audio transmission, Full Motion Video, 1.33x digital Zoom, Pan & Tilt.

Overhead night show Projection. Night light feature.


Baylis & Harding Goodness Kids Lavender & Vanilla Bubble Bath

(RRP £4.00) from Baylis & Harding

About the product: Baylis & Harding’s Goodness Kids Lavender & Vanilla Natural Bubble Bath is a calming, gentle way to relax kids and get them ready to sleep at the end of the day.  Made with natural ingredients, it’s perfect for delicate newborn and children’s skin and is approved by paediatricians.  A must-have for bathtime routines to help them calm down before bed.

Highly Commended

Wooshh by Rockit

(RRP £24.95) from Rockit

Wooshh is the small but mighty sound soother. This pocket-sized sleep aid’s comforting sounds will encourage babies to drift off and masks disruptive noises. There 8 sounds and 4 volume levels to choose from and the versatile design allows you to stand, clip or strap it out of reach of your baby – inside or outside. Wooshh is rechargeable and has a 1 hour or 10-hour all-night mode.

Highly Commended

Zed by Rockit

(RRP £29.95) from Rockit

About the product: Zed Soothes babies to sleep, just like the car. Simply place him on the mattress by your baby’s feet and press the snooze button. The finely tuned vibrations ripple gently through the mattress, comforting your baby and encouraging a deep sleep.

So, no more driving around the block before bed! Zed can also be used as a portable night light – great for night-feeds and for taking on holiday.

Highly Commended

Warmies Selection

(RRP £19.99) from Warmies

About the product: Warmies® are fully heatable soft toys that can be heated in a microwave to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. These luxuriously soft plush designs are gently scented with relaxing lavender and can be reheated time and time again. Warmies® are weighted, warming, scented and super cuddly, making them an ideal gift for all ages!

Highly Commended

Lullaby Labs Sleep Soother

from Wow! Stuff

About the product: Zed Soothes babies to sleep, just like the car. Simply place him on the mattress by your baby’s feet and press the snooze button. The finely tuned vibrations ripple gently through the mattress, comforting your baby and encouraging a night of deep sleep. So, no more driving around the block before bed! Zed can also be used as a portable night light – great for night feeds and for taking on holiday.

Best Early Years Safety Products

A child’s safety is of paramount importance, and each year, brilliant new products emerge to help keep little ones safe. So, as part of the Baby & Preschool Awards, our families have been busy reviewing the best safety products on the market. Here are this year’s winners…


Leapfrog LF2936HD

(RRP £229.99) from VTech

About the product: Watch over your little one at home on the 5.5-inch, 1080p High-Definition Touch LCD Parent Unit Display or remotely on your smartphone with the LeapFrog LF2936FHD WiFi video baby monitor. View rooms from top to bottom with the 94-degree vertical tilt angle and from side to side with the 360-degree horizontal pan capability. Easily control the Parent Unit Touch Screen Display with your fingers.

Enhance your baby’s sleep environment with a sound & light profile recommended by experts. Plus, see your baby as clear as day, even in ultralow light, thanks to the automatic Colour Night Vision.

Free professional in-app advice and videos provided by experts and LeapFrog help assist in the growth and development of your baby. This system allows for local and remote viewing through the LeapFrog Baby Care+ app with no fees or monthly subscriptions.

Our tester said:

“Whilst the initial set up was a little fiddly, once it’s done it’s brilliant! Love the fact it can be operated from a table or phone. The sound quality is clear and the image is great – it’s fab how the camera can be rotated remotely. We love the built-in nightlight, which means you can save on space and the expense of an additional product.”


Leapfrog LF920HD

(RRP £179.99) from VTech

About the product: Sometimes it’s hard to relax when you’re not with your little one. This LeapFrog video monitor has high-definition video and advanced night vision technology – which means it’s easy to see your child, even in low light conditions. 

Colour night vision is superior to traditional infrared, so you can see your child clearly.

The 360° pan, tilt, and zoom lets you get a complete view of the room, and the 52° up and down view from the parent unit gives you a great way to check on your child while they’re sleeping.



(RRP £89.99) from KiddieRail

About the product: KiddieRail is an award-winning, value-for-money, adjustable handrail that fits below a standard handrail at a height suitable for young children. When a child begins to learn to walk until they are aged 5, KiddieRail will provide safety when using the stairs and offer peace of mind for parents and childminders alike. Kiddie Rail takes less than an hour to install and comes in three different configurations to fit most types of stairs.

Best Early Years Feeding Products

Feeding is an important time of the day for all members of the family – not least the littlest ones! So our families were excited to try out some of the best products the category had to offer. Having reached their verdict, we can now share with you the winner of this year’s Baby & Pre-School awards in the Best Feeding Products category…


Disney Dinner Set

(RRP £29.95) from Enesco

About the product: Make mealtimes more fun with this dinner set – there’s nothing quite like a Disney design to entice rumbly tummies to clear their plates! Featuring little one’s favourite characters, including Bambi, Thumper and Simba, this highly durable dinner set can be used at home, in the garden, or on the go.

It is made from food-safe material meeting the UK and EU Food Contact Material Regulations, which is also 100% recyclable, microwaveable and dishwasher

Our tester said:

“This dinner set has an adorable design that really appeals to young children. It’s well made, so we’ll be able to use it day in, day out. And it’s also dishwasher safe, which is ideal for any busy family!”

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