There are some things that new parents cannot live without… and for this year’s Baby & Pre-School awards, our families have been testing out the best products of them all.

Here are the health and care essentials, the products that will keep little ones well fed, safe and soothed, and the items that any new parent shouldn’t be without when they’re out and about…

Here are the winners of this year’s Baby & Pre-School awards…

Best Baby On-the-Go Products

Getting out of the house with baby comes with its challenges, but there are some brilliant products that make life on-the-go that little bit easier!

From baby changing to carriers, slings to changing bags, and more. Here are our testers’ favourite products that promise to make getting out that little bit easier.

Baby & Pre-School awards Winners: Health & Care, Sleep & Soothing, Feeding, Safety, & On-the-Go

Aqua Wipes Value Travel Packs (RRP £14.99)by Procotech

About the product: 12 packs of 12 wipes per value travel pack box. 99.6% purified water. Fully biodegradable. Plastic free wipes. Vegan friendly. With organic aloe vera. Paediatrician tested to be kind to the environment and baby’s skin. Developed for the NHS and used in special care baby, maternity and neonatal units. They are suitable from birth and are kind and gentle on the most sensitive newborn skin.

What our tester said: “Lovely wipes, gentle on the skin. Great idea for smaller packs to take on our travels as they’re handy for travel bags, pushchair pockets, etc.”


The Disney Baby Changing Backpack by Enchanting Disney (RRP £68) by Enesco

Joint Bronze

The Cariagan® (RRP £120) by Zip Us In

The Wedge (RRP £59) by Eyas (Natural Brand Ltd)

Kelty Journey Perfectfit Signature (RRP £230) by Kelty

Best Health & Care Essentials

On the hunt for some great early years products to keep your little one healthy, clean and well? Here are this year’s Baby & Pre-School awards winners! 


My First Five Years App (RRP Freemium model with a membership option coming soon) by My First Five Years Ltd.

About the product: The My First Five Years app guides parents through their child’s unique first five years with hundreds of expert-created activities, ideas and interactions. Key, timely information is tailored to each individual child, as we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Helping parents celebrate the mastery of key development milestones and record achievements in a virtual scrapbook and also collect all of the magic moments that happen on the journey through the first five years.

What our tester said: “This App is packed full of useful information.  It’s great that the developers have fully appreciated that each child is unique, whilst offering helpful guidance on development.  Also brilliant that it recognises and promotes the role of play in a child’s developmental years.”

Joint Silver

Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment (RRP £2.50) by Metanium

Ramer Ultra Soft Baby Sponge (RRP £2.99) by Ramer Sponges

Joint Bronze

Aqua Wipes Gentle Eyelid Wipes (RRP £7.99) by Procotech

Baby Nails New Baby Pack (RRP £10.49) by Thumble Baby Care

Magnetic Tooth Brushing | Red Bus Reward Chart (RRP £14.95 | RRP £22.95) by TotsUp Ltd.

Highly Commended

Mini Mizzie (RRP £9.95) by Mizzie The Kangaroo

Baby & Pre-School awards Winners: Health & Care, Sleep & Soothing, Feeding, Safety, & On-the-Go
Mini Mizzie came highly commended in the Baby & Pre-School awards

Best Sleep & Soothing Products

Good sleep is essential for early development (and for parents’ health and wellbeing!).

Our tester families have been busy this year, trying out a host of brilliant products to aid with sleep and soothing.

Here are the products that came out top in this year’s Baby & Preschool Awards…


Sleepytroll Baby Rocker (RRP £126.90) by Babliss AS

About the product: Sleepytroll is the world’s first rechargeable and sensor-controlled baby rocker. It easily attaches to any pram or car seat, and with adapters it can rock the cot as well. The sensor detects sound and movement, and automatically begins to rock the pram. After activating the sensors, Sleepytroll rocks for 3 minutes and then returns to sleep monitoring mode. It can also be operated manually. The device will then rock for 40 minutes before shutting down.

What our tester said: “Simply fantastic! It has helped so much with keeping Baby settled and sleeping and we love how it automatically rocks the pram when Baby stirs!  Can’t fault it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it either.”


Silver: Angel Babybox (RRP £199) by Babybox


Dinosaur World Nap Mat (RRP £29.99) by Bloomsbury Mill

Highly Commended

SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Cot (RRP £1,145) by Happiest Baby

Best Feeding Products

Feeding is an important time of the day for all members of the family – not least the littlest ones!

So our families were understandably keen to try out some of the best products the category had to offer.

Having reached their verdict, we can now share with you the winners of this year’s Baby & Pre-School awards in the Best Feeding Products category…


For Aisha Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry Pouch – 7m+ (RRP £1.50) by For Aisha

About the product: A slightly textured puree of vegetables, sweet potato and chicken specially for baby. Our authentic Indian recipe fuses vegetables with sweet potato and the finest halal chicken, in a dish that’s bursting with flavour. Halal and made with 100% natural ingredients, and a wide variety of exotic ingredients- broadening the palates of little ones so they will make healthier food choices later in life. We are dietitian approved and made without dairy ingredients!

What our tester said: “A lovely, gentle flavour which wasn’t too strong.  Texture good for introducing little ones to coarser puree foods. Good that it is non-dairy for those who are intolerant so that they can still enjoy different ingredients and develop their own taste palates.”


Snack & Doodle™ (RRP £15) by Tidy Tot


Bib & Tray Kit (RRP £32) by Tidy Tot

Best Safety Products

There is nothing more important than a child’s safety.

Luckily, each year, brilliant new products emerge that are designed to help keep your little ones safe.

So, as part of the Baby & Preschool Awards, our families have been busy reviewing the best safety products on the market. And this is the product they deemed most worthy of accolade.

Baby & Pre-School awards Winners: Health & Care, Sleep & Soothing, Feeding, Safety, & On-the-Go

SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Cot(RRP £1,145)by Happiest Baby

About the product: SNOO is the safest bed ever made – Created by Dr. Harvey Karp in collaboration with MIT-trained engineers, SNOO is designed with ground-breaking technology to provide the safest sleep for every baby. Designed to mimic the sounds and motions of the womb, SNOO automatically responds to infant fussing and settles them back to sleep. SNOO’s unique, easy-to-use “5-second swaddle” with protective swaddle wings keeps babies safely on their back,  preventing them from accidentally rolling over, helping to reduce the risk of SIDS. Proven to boost parent and infant sleep by 1-2 hours per night,

What our tester said: “Very sturdy and stylish and automatically responds when Baby starts to stir. 

This helps parents to get a better night’s sleep so that they are not over-fatigued, they don’t develop bad sleeping habits and as a result, life feels a little easier!”

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