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Summer is almost over… BOOOO, but that does mean a little quiet around the house YAAAAY! But with a new school year comes a new set of challenges and worries. Will their new uniform be okay? Are the kids ready to meet new teachers? Will I understand their homework this year? Well fear not as we’re here to help take the stress out of a new school year little by little, and this guide to the perfect lunchbox fillers (homemade or NOT) will put your mind to rest when it comes to making sure your little one has something good to munch on!

Pinwheel wraps – The perfect sandwich alternative and even fussy eaters will enjoy them! You can make pinwheel wraps with almost any filling and they don’t have to cost the earth to make either! Click here for a basic “how-to” to get you started.

Pasta salad – Kids LOVE pasta salad and it’s a great way to cram their lunchbox full of veggies! Here’s an easy recipe for to try out courtesy of My Fussy Eater  but you can customise it anyway you like!

Chocolate dipped fruit – If your little one has a sweet tooth then why not add some homemade chocolate dipped fruit into their lunch box? Strawberries, sliced apple and tangerine segments work a treat! You can even save a few for yourself too!

By Chelsea Collins for BBC Good Food

DIY salad boxes – Kids LOVE doing things on their own! Why not invest in a segmented lunchbox so you can fill each compartment with a different salad item – tomatoes, grated cheese, cubed ham, cucumber etc. Kids will love composing their own little salad at lunch time!

By Holley Grainger for Eating Well

Home baked Friday treat
– Why not include a home baked treat every Friday (or a few times a week) to keep kids excited about lunch time? Here are some great not-so-naughty but oh-so-tasty bake ideas we love!

Very Berry Muffins by Catherine Mccord

And if you just don’t have enough hours in the day here are some of our top supermarket bought lunchbox fillers. Pair these with sandwiches and some fruit and you’re good to go!

  • MadeGood Granola Bars– RRP £2.79 for 6 bars
    These are school friendly, allergen free snack bars that taste as good as the packaging looks!
  • Peperami Pep’d Up Chicken Bites– RRP £1.29
    These 50g bags of yummy chicken bites can be portioned out across a couple of days and are great to add to wraps or DIY salad boxes! They are high in protein so will keep kids fuller for longer.
  • Del Monte Fruit Squeezies– RRP 50p per pouch or 5 for £2
    Made from 100% fruit with no added sugar or preservatives these make a great lunchbox sweet treat and are also perfect for on the go! Choose from Apple, Strawberry and Banana; Apple and Mango or Apple, Strawberry and Blueberry.

What do your kids like for lunch? Comment below! Recipes 100% WELCOME!

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