New term, new adventures – and kids can take their SuperZings with them for all the fun of ‘swapsies’, comparing collections and creating their own SuperZings action with the new characters and playsets in the range.

Exciting new features include a brand new ‘SuperCrystal’ finish, new hideouts and supercool playsets offering children added play value and a chance to create their very own SuperZings world, as well as giving family and gift-givers added choice for young SuperZings’ fans this Christmas.

As ever, it’s the iconic superheroes and super rivals that are at the centre of the action and there are 80 new multi-coloured characters, each with a matching ‘rival’ including an ultra-rare character, 2 gold and 6 silver, to collect. The key character for series 2 is the extremely rare ‘Professor K’ – the inventor of ‘Krystaline’, a special substance that creates the SuperCrystal SuperZings. There are 24 ‘SuperCrystal’ characters to collect, a brand new finish kids will love to add to their collection. You can start collecting at jusy 80p each for the Blind Bags.

Without a doubt the most exciting additions are the three new playsets. At the centre of all the Kaboom City action is the SuperZings Police Station Playset, which comes with two exclusive SuperZings characters, the heroic Captain Justice and the villainous Chuck Chain! Captain Justice patrols the streets of Kaboom City on his speedy police patrol bike. He also defends the station using the blaster canon that is attached to the roof.
A special trap is in place to capture Chuck Chain and put him behind bars in the police stations’ jail cell. Look out though, ingenious Chuck Chain has discovered his own secret escape passage! The SuperZings police station has so much to discover and play with! (£25)

Hidden away in a special location in Kaboom City, you can find the SuperZings Secret Lab. The Secret Lab Attack playset includes 2 exclusive SuperZings, the heroic Splatterman and the villainous Dr Chomper…..Splatterman defends the secret lab with his mobile water blaster. The Secret Lab also has an awesome silo blaster canon that can keep the villains at bay. Inside this mysterious laboratory, a lift awaits that can transport the SuperZings onto the roof. There’s even a secret escape route ready to use in the case of an emergency. (£20)

SuperZings love speed and adventure and the Kaboom Race playset is the ultimate test. The set includes two exclusive SuperZings, plus their exclusive speedy racing cars!! Heroic Raylight drives the fabulous Nitro Blaze and villainous Wheeliam, drives the fearsome Monster Crush. Load the racers into the launch pad, press the launch button and watch the racers zoom off! There are even fire barrels and a barrier to help you build your track! (£20)

Add to all this Hideouts (£2.50) which continue for Series 2 with a new cylindrical shape divided into two chambers and colourful sticker decals to heighten to the collectability factor. And SuperZings vehicles get a refresh in Series 2 in the form of a range of SuperJets (£1.50) – motorbike, boat, helicopter and quad, eight to collect in a variety of different colours.

For more information check out www.superzings.com, where your kids will find lots of activities and webisodes to enjoy.  You can also Find out what our expert mums thought of all this with our reviewers’ verdict later this week, get your hands on some of these amazing new products with our competition and join in the Twitter Frenzy – all still to come in the SuperZings takeover!

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