It’s the last Bank Holiday of the year (not counting Christmas) and chances are you’ll be taking the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends, before another school year starts. Just in case you overdo it, here are our suggestions for curing that hangover.

1. Get some sleep
Sleep is actually your best friend at this point because your body needs to recover. If you can, stay in bed and grab an extra hour or two of sleep – it will all help. 

2. Rehydrate your body
Well this is an obvious one! The alcohol will have dehydrated your body so grab a glass of water when you wake up and continue to drink plenty over the next few hours. Try alternating the water with fruit or vegetable juices – the water will rehydrate while the juice will replenish your stock of vitamins.

Tip: for a quick pick-me-up, add a little lemon juice to a cup of warm water. If you have some, add ginger as well to help with any nausea.

3. Avoid caffeine
Too much caffeine will only dehydrate you more so if you really do need a caffeine boost, make it a weak cup of coffee or a sweetened tea.

4. Eat
Food may not feel like a good idea just now, but it can help – even a piece of bread or a few crackers or biscuits. If it stays down, you could try something a little more substantial later.

5. Exercise
If you can drag yourself out of bed, then a little exercise will help to restore your body and mind, as well as increasing your metabolism and ridding your body of those horrid toxins a little faster! Just a walk in the fresh air will help and if that seems beyond reasonable at the moment, try a few minutes just sitting outside and breathe in some fresh air.

6. Take a shower
A cool shower will not only clean you up but will also freshen and wake up your senses too.

7. Avoid pain killers
We usually reach for the pain killers when we’ve got a hangover but when you’ve still got loads of alcohol in your system, they’re really not a good idea as many of them have side effects which are magnified with the alcohol. One of the best natural pain relievers is Tiger Balm which is available in many drug stores as well as Holland and Barrett. Rub a little onto your forehead or temples and your headache will float away.

Do you have a tried and trusted hangover cure? If so, share it with us over on Facebook and Twitter.

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