OK, we weren’t geniuses in chemistry at school, but with the wonder of the world wide web at our fingertips we can easily inspire our kids by casually dropping in a few amazing science facts to spark their curiosity. Every day’s a school day but it needn’t be a chore as the science kits from Clementoni have proved this last two weeks!  But take it one step further and try these facts for starters, then have fun helping kids find their own…

1. The human body contains enough carbon to provide ‘lead’ (which is really graphite) for about 9,000 pencils.

2. Cockroaches might inspire the future of robotics. The hope is to one day employ cockroach locomotion in robots that can be deployed in all sorts of rough terrain like a disaster relief site or even an unforgiving alien world. (Source)

3. One bucket full of water contains more atoms than there are buckets of water in the Atlantic ocean.

4. The first humanoid robot was Elektro built by Westinghouse in 1939. It was 7 feet tall and could speak 700 words.

5. Sometimes hot water freezes more quickly than cold water! A high school student documented the effect, which bears his name (the Mpemba effect). (Source)

6. The smallest robot is called a nanobot and measures less than one thousandth of a millimetre.

7. Every hydrogen atom in your body is likely to be 13.5 billion years old, since they were created at the birth of the universe.

8. Squishy bots are a thing! It’s called soft robotics, and involves machines designed to resemble biological systems like squids, caterpillars, starfish, human hands and more. (Source)

9. There’s enough gold in the Earth’s crust to cover the entire land surface knee-deep.

10. Air becomes liquid at about minus 190 degrees Celsius.

That’s it for now, Fact Fans, but share your favourite science or robotics fact with us on social media to join in the fun! And don’t forget there’s still time to enter our competition to win some amazing Clementoni science kits.

Main image taken from Pexels.

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