At UKMums.TV, the team is always on the lookout for ways to help our little ones learn and develop and we know you are too!

With that in mind, we look at how play can support early development in the 2 – 5 age group.

Generally, children of this age will be quite independent and creative in their play. They will likely be showing an interest in making, imagining, and understanding more about the world around them. Their hand skills will probably have become more refined, and by now they’re most likely getting the hang of using of tools, like a knife and fork, hairbrush, toothbrush, etc.

As they ready themselves for school, play becomes more closely aligned with developing the skills they’ll need to be success at school. As young children play, they’re developing their ability to problem solve, create, and socialise with their peers, which are useful skills to have ahead of starting school. Their play interests will determine what they enjoy and will want to do ‘for fun’ in the future.

Construction is always a fab way for kids to keep their hands busy as well as their minds. Using Stickle Bricks to construct things like animals, buildings, vehicles and more help develop their fine motor skills, and building skills. To boot, construction play encourages children to use their imagination, developing their ability to channel their creativity!

But why not also encourage children to play with Stickle Bricks in other fun ways. Help little ones practice their shape and colour recognition, whilst practicing their fine motor skills by encouraging them to organise their Stickle Bricks blocks by shape and colour. And by getting them to stack their Stickle Bricks, children can develop their fine and motor skills, as well as their hand-eye coordination. Of course, by getting them to add some storytelling into their construction play, they’ll also be building on their early language skills, too!

Remember you can pick up Stickle Bricks from The Entertainer, Amazon and Very plus your local independent toy shop.

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