This week, we’ve been introducing the wonderful world of Peppa Pig Weebles, as part of the latest takeover on UKMums.TV. Super cute and perfect for the littlest of Peppa Pig fans, the Peppa Pig Weebles brings to life the magic of the favourite pre-school show, in an unpredictably wobbly way! You can read all about the collection here, but first, find out why character toys can be great for helping children to develop and learn in their early years…

A springboard for imaginative play

When children play with toys based on characters they know and love from TV, you’ll probably watch them imitate the character and recreate scenes they have previously watched. But that play will often start to become more creative, with children using their imagination to develop the storyline. That is to say, these toys can provide little ones with a great starting point and give them the confidence to be creative.

Developing storytelling & language skills 

Playing with character toys will give children an opportunity to practice their storytelling ability. This is an important skill for children to learn, as it’s key for language development, helping children improve their vocabulary, grammar and verbal proficiency.

Can help encourage kids to share their thoughts & feelings

Offering children an outlet to practice their storytelling skills can also increase their willingness and ability to articulate their thoughts and feelings. It can also help little ones better understand other people’s perspectives, which can make them more empathetic.

Familiar & comforting

Children will often find a great deal of comfort in playing with characters that they recognise. Pre-school shows like Peppa Pig will often delve into scenarios that children will face in their early years, for instance starting school, welcoming a new sibling into the world, and so forth. By giving them the toys to recreate these narratives, you’ll be offering them a world in which they can try out these scenarios and become more familiar and comfortable with them.

Helps children grow more independent

The beauty of imaginative play is that kids will learn to play by themselves, and as noted before, character-based toys can offer a great springboard for imaginative play! By encouraging independent play, you’ll be helping kids grow more independent and confident in their own abilities.


Feature image credit: Brummy Mummy Diaries 

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