It’s PJ Masks Race Week here on UKMums.TV and all across the country we have our best blogging mums and family YouTubers creating race days at home. Why a race day?  It’s simple, the wide variety of PJ Masks vehicles and figures are so popular that the manufacturer, Just Play, has created an activity based on them!

If you want to create a Race Day at home too, here’s what you will need. It’s simple, it’s fun and it includes craft, dress up and lots of racing!

  • Some PJ Masks Vehicles – (Of course this is not just restricted to PJ Masks but as these heroes are always racing into the night what could be better?)
  • A runway about 2 meters long – This can be created just by sectioning off a part of the floor, or why not mark up some leftover wall paper?
  • A start and finish line – You can get creative and make it with a banner across the top, or simply mark it with a line on the runway
  • A checkered flag – The kids will have great fun making one of these, alternatively, they are cheap to buy online
  • A way to time to racing – Stopwatch/timer or your phone
  • Medals – You can make these with card and ribbon. Let the kids help you and you can discus numbers and colours. Don’t forget to create medals for special efforts, or best wheelies etc.
  • Certificates – These can be created easily on a computer or even handwritten! There’s even a basic certificate to download on the PJ Masks website.


Preparing and holding Your PJ Masks Race Day

Set the theme and have the children choose their race day outfits. They can even dress up as the PJ Masks, or a formula one driver.

Now have them set the race track up and discuss the rules of the race.

Allow each child to have a turn with the stop watch/timer to give them the responsibility and to use as a learning tool.

There are several types of race you can hold and we suggest you do a variety, picking out the skills of each child so they all get a chance to shine. Below are some examples for inspiration:

  • Timed Race: Take it in turns to push your vehicle to the finish line with one hand only. You have to start again if you leave the track
  • Timed Race: Take it in turns to push your vehicle to the finish line while doing something silly like only pushing with your nose!
  • Side by Side Race: Who can push their vehicle to the finish line first.
  • Distance Competition: Who can push their vehicle the furthest in one push without it leaving the track?


These are just some of the ideas but once you start you’ll find many different ways for a fun day of racing!  And when it comes to the giving out medals, how you do this is up to you, but imagine how proud they will be when they finish the day with their very own awards or certificates.

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