We here at UKMums.TV are always on the lookout for ways to help our little ones learn and develop and we know you are too!

With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at ways to help your child with play and hand skills from around the 2 – 5 age group.

At this age children will have become quite independent and creative in their play. They are showing an interest in making, imagining, and understanding things around them. Their hand skills are now well developed, and they will be able to use tools like scissors, a knife and fork, washcloth, hairbrush and toothbrush with increasing independence and skill. Play becomes linked to skills needed for successful achievement at school. Your child’s play has been helping them to develop their ability to attend, problem solve, create, and socialise with their peers, which will be important as they enter their first school setting. Their play interests will determine what they enjoy and will want to do ‘for fun’ in the future.

Construction is always a fab way for kids to keep their hands busy as well as their minds. Using Stickle Bricks to construct things like animals, buildings, vehicles and more help develop their fine motor skills, imagination and building skills. Why not encourage messy construction too with paper, scissors, glue and interesting things like shells, dried pasta shapes, leaves and magazine pictures.

Any drawing activities using things like wet sand and a stick, finger paint and fingers in shaving foam all help with their fine motor skills too. As does drawing with a range of mediums on different surfaces like chalk on the pavement or chalkboard, or using paint dabbers, crayons and felt tips!

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*Thanks to Aberdeenshire Council for help with this article.


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