Are you yet to discover the wonderful world of Honey Bee Acres? If so, you’ll want to keep reading!

Honey Bee Acres is a beautiful new world of pretend play, where the air is sweet, and the families are warm and friendly. In this magical place, children are invited to join in the fun, as they make every day a special one, with the adorable Honey Bee Acres toy collection and the unmissable Honey Bee Acres webisodes.

The Honey Bee Acres toy collection includes a wide selection of loveable animal figures and detailed dollhouses and playsets, which are cute, colourful and ideal for imaginative play.

Honey Bee Acres toys are available NOW, exclusively from B&M stores across the UK with prices ranging from £4.99 to £69.99. The question is, which will your children want to collect first? Here are some of our favourite items in the range…  

Honey Bee Acres Family 4-Packs

Whether it’s The McScampers Rabbits, The Purringtons Cats, The Cuddlesworths Bears or The Barksters Dogs, there are plenty of families for your child to collect and add to their Honey Bee Acres Collection. Each set comes with mother and father figures, as well as two child characters – all with their own, unique personalities. Children can pose them and enjoy fun, fashion play, as each figure comes dressed in a sweet removeable outfit.

One of our favourites is The Cuddlesworths Bear Family! Children will love celebrating Baby Toby’s birthday, keeping Dad Wally company as he babysits Toby, whilst Mum Cherry and her daughter Sasha secretly visit the General Store to buy Toby’s favourite honey cake and lots of balloons!

… And what better way to bring these adorable families to life, than the beautiful playsets and dollhouses, where the residents of Honey Bee Acres live, play and work…

Honey Bee Acres Buzzby Farmhouse

This three-story dollhouse features farmhouse-chic styling! Kids will delight in playing in all the large rooms, styling them in their own way. The set comes with two exclusive figures: Grandpa Sam and his granddaughter Ruby, who is visiting him for the summer. Pose Ruby and her Grandpa at the kitchen table for meals, or have them play a board game in the cosy living room. Ruby loves sitting with her Grandpa on the porch swing, talking and waiting for the fireflies to appear at dusk.

Honey Bee Acres General Store

All are welcome at The Buzz General Store: the town gathering spot of Honey Bee Acres! Children can meet Aunt Millie, who runs the store – she’s easily recognisable in her denim overalls. Kids can pose Aunt Millie behind the cashier counter and help her re-stock the food shelves and arrange the flowers in their holders.

Honey Bee Acres Sunflower Country Cottage

Visit Honey Bee Acres’ charming Sunflower Country Cottage! Cousin Chloe feels purr-fectly at home posed in the chair by the fireplace. Children can help Chloe re-decorate the cottage and move the flower box to the upstairs window. Chloe loves the upstairs bedroom, where she can rest in the snuggly bed for a nap. Sometimes she peeks inside the toy box first to see what’s inside! 

Honey Bee Acres Around Town Van

What better way to travel around Honey Bee Acres than in the Around Town Van? The van holds a family of four, and the doors hinge or slide open for easy access. The wheels are free-rolling, and the steering wheel rotates. If a family wants to go on a picnic, they can place their basket on the top rack or open the van’s trunk for more storage space. There are even cup holders at each seat!

Head to B&M and start collecting Honey Bee Acres today!

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