If you’re yet to discover the brilliant AquaPlay collection, or you’re just wanting to find out about the latest toys in the range, you’re in the right place! We’ve put together a list of our favourite AquaPlay items from across the range. So, make yourself comfy and spend a few minutes poring over our top toys from Simba Toys UK’s AquaPlay collection:

AquaPlay StartSet

Available from Very (RRP £32.99)

AquaPlay’s StartSet is the perfect way to start creating your own AquaPlay world! It contains the popular harbour where Wilma the Hippo controls the crane and loading of the containers on the amphibian truck and container boat. By turning the paddle wheel, the water flows through the canal, a playful way of educating how water moves! Like all AquaPlay sets the StartSet is modular, so it can be easily extended by extensions or other AquaPlay sets.

AquaPlay LockBox

Available from Smyths Toys Superstores (RRP £39.99)

Set off on waterway adventures with the AquaPlay LockBox! This feature-packed water playset comes with lots of accessories for canal-inspired fun. Help the hippo guide his boat through the waterways to get that cargo to the dock – or splash in the canals to make some waves!

With the AquaPlay LockBox, kids can use the working pump to change the water levels in the lock, just like in a real canal. Spin the watermill, race through the waterways and use the working crane to load and unload cargo. Playing with water is great for your child’s sensory skills. The AquaPlay LockBox even encourages an understanding of cause and effect, showing little ones engineering in action. But most importantly, it’s splashy fun for sunny days. Once playtime is over, it’s easy to empty out the water and fold up the playset, locking all the accessories inside until your next AquaPlay adventure.

AquaPlay SuperSet

Available from Argos (RRP £52.99)

This AquaPlay SuperSet includes a new figure of Wilma the Hippo, a crane that assists you to lift containers onto the transport boat, a slipway allowing the amphibian car to go from land to water and the popular water lock. The vehicles can pass through by manoeuvring the water level with help of the pump and lock gates. Take the vehicles out for a journey in the canals by turning the paddle wheel and thereby set the water into motion, a playful way of educating how the water moves!

AquaPlay Mountain Lake

Available from John Lewis (RRP £82.99)

Get ready for a wet, watery adventure with Smoby’s Aquaplay Mountain Lake. This large canal system will keep you entertained for hours! Explore the mountain’s mysterious cave, climb the steep cliffs, take the speedboat down the hilarious waterfall or search for treasures in the canals! Set the water into motion by paddling the water wheel and pass through the enormous locklock system. You can regulate the water level by using the pump and opening the lock gates. This is a creative and playful way of finding out how water moves, lifts and climbs! There’s also a speedboat, a container boat with a container and two animal figures; Nils the Frog and Bo the Bear.

AquaPlay AdventureLand

Available from Selfridges (RRP £89.99)

AquaPlay’s AdventureLand is the perfect gift for any little one who loves to make a splash. This water-themed playset features a reservoir on top of a rocky mountain, a lift to the tower, and a dramatic waterfall. With included play figures, Sven the Crocodile and Bo the Bear, children can explore the mysterious cave, climb the steep cliffs, or jump off the ramp. They’ll be able to muster rushing currents or a lazy river by paddling the water wheel.

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