Looking for some cute DIY mermaid crafts for an Ariel-mad youngster?

Creating mermaid-themed crafts can be a fun and imaginative way to explore your creativity. Here are a few DIY mermaid craft ideas to get you started.

DIY Mermaid Craft Ideas for Kids and Grown Ups

From Disney’s Ariel to Madison in Splash, we humans have always had a fascination with mermaids. These mythical creatures have captivated us for centuries.

According to Greek mythology, they are beautiful creatures with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish.

Columbus wrote in his diary that he actually saw three mermaids when they jumped out of the water near his ship.

The King of Poland described the half-human, half-fish a bit differently still having a human face and upper body but also with the tail of a large fish.

Whatever you believe – and whichever version is your favourite – these DIY Mermaid Craft Ideas will work for kids and grown-ups alike.

Mermaid Tail Wall Art

Draw a mermaid tail shape on a flat piece of wood or MDF. Once you’re happy with it, hammer some tacks, evenly around the shape.

Take some coloured yarn, attach it to one of the tacks, and then begin to wind the yarn around all the tacks. Follow the shape of your pattern, until the outside edge is complete. Then begin to zig-zag your twine from corner to corner, end to end.

Repeat the process until the shape is filled with geometric lines of thread. Decorate your mermaid tail with iridescent sequins, then hang it on your wall for a magical touch.

DIY Mermaid Crown

Craft a beautiful mermaid crown using a tiara for a base, then embellish with seashells, beads, and faux pearls. As ‘Running with Sisters’ have done in this fantastic How To Make A Seashell Mermaid Crown tutorial.

Mermaid Scales Tote Bag

Use fabric paint or fabric markers to create scales on a plain canvas tote bag, as Living Porpoisefully has done with this gorgeous DIY Mermaid Scales Tote Bag idea.

Choose shades of blues and greens – plus you can highlight areas with iridescent glitter paint – to mimic the shimmering scales of a mermaid.

Seashell Jewellery

Collect seashells from the beach and transform them into beautiful mermaid-inspired jewellery. Drill small holes in seashells to create pendants or charms. String them onto necklaces or bracelets using beads, pearls, or leather cords.

Or create some DIY seashell jewellery using coloured air-dried clay, as Moms and Crafters have done in the photo above.

Mermaid Lanterns

Decorate glass jars with seashells, glitter, and ocean-themed stickers. Pop a battery-powered LED tea light (or battery-powered fairy lights) into the jar, then top up with glass beads or stones, in shades of blues or greens, to create a mesmerizing underwater glow. We especially love this DIY Little Mermaid Mason Jar Light by a Pumpkin and a Princess.

You can also paint the jars in shades of blue or green for a more immersive effect

There are loads more fantastic DIY Mermaid Craft Ideas on Pinterest, to inspire you. And remember, you can always add your personal touch and mix different craft ideas to create unique mermaid-themed creations.

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