Huggable hero Love Monster has come to UKMums.TV this week to share some Christmas cards for children to colour-in and share.

About Love Monster

Based on the best-selling books by Rachel Bright, Love Monster is the animated pre-school series that follows the colourful and funny adventures of a lovable hairy hero called Love Monster as he searches for the right thing to do in a world in which he is one of a kind.

His home, Fluffytown, is full of cute, fluffy things which makes being a bit funny looking an interesting challenge. But with the help of his friends, Love Monster learns to follow his heart rather than his slightly ‘over-thinky’ head, a little more each day

Showcasing the importance of kindness, empathy, connection and instinct, Love Monster is full of heart and ‘little life’ learnings for pre-schoolers. With different emotions at the forefront of all of the episodes, Love Monster helps its audience understand how they can deal with their feelings and recognise that there is no wrong way to feel.

Download Your Christmas Cards!

If you’ve got a little Love Monster fan at home, we’ve got the PERFECT thing for you.

Below are some colour-in Christmas card designs, inspired by Love Monster.

Simply print out the Christmas cards and let your little ones colour them in however they like. Then, fold them in half and help them add a message inside! The only thing that’s left to do is letting them give it to the person it was made for.

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