Offering variety and opportunities for exploration is vital when it comes to supporting your child’s early development, and one of the ways of ticking this box is through providing a good selection of toys to help make learning fun.

As children get closer to nursery or KS1 age, electronic learning toys can be particularly beneficial for teaching some of the skills necessary to get the most out of this stage of their development.

Good quality electronic toys do more than just entertain – they make learning fun by captivating children’s attention with colours, sounds and interactive elements, and often feature favourite characters for children to bond with.

These types of toys have multiple benefits – not only do children love to play with interactive items and gadgets, which in itself helps to teach important tech skills, but these toys also help little ones learn key early skills such as number and word recognition, spelling and phonics. By introducing children to these concepts early, within the comfort of their own home, children will likely find it less daunting when they come to face these concepts in nursery and at school. These toys also familiarise children with listening to and following instructions, taking steps in a sequence, as well as hearing words of encouragement and reward, which are all helpful skills to be developing alongside their learning of the more obvious topics, such as numbers, colours and so on.

There are some great electronic learning toys on the market which have been designed around popular children’ characters, such as Trends UK’s Peppa Pig range. These easily-recognisable faces, sounds and songs make learning familiar and fun.

Plus, with Trends UK’s great range of electronic learning toys, children are not only introduced to colours, shapes, music, the alphabet, spelling, and counting through play – the cleverly designed activities also encourage physical activity and dexterity.

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Main image credit: Emily and Indiana

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