To wrap up our fun in the sun week on UKMums.tv, we’ve decided to put together a list of essentials that you need to pack in your bag when flying with a baby (you’re going to need a big bag!)

Ok, so you’re flying out with your little one this summer and are feeling apprehensive as to whether they’ll kick off or not because they are hungry or bored. Keep calm; we’ve shared some of our essentials that you need to pack in your bag to help keep them occupied for a peaceful journey.

Food & drink
Snacks and drinks are CRUCIAL when travelling with children so make sure that you pack plenty. Choose from a range of products including crisps and pretzels to carrot batons, mini rice cakes, formula milk and fruit juice pouches. Not only do snacks and drinks help to keep your little one satisfied but they act as a distraction.

In this day and age a tablet is an essential travel item for the kids whether you’ve got a long or short haul flight ahead of you. Download your little ones favourite movies and games via iTunes or an app store.

Whether you’re travelling with a baby, a toddler or an older child you’ll need to keep them occupied and if you don’t fancy taking a screen with you, why not pack some creative play products? Take colouring pads, pencils, picture books and soft toys for babies and toddlers. For the older kids, take a look at The Original Spirograph Travel Set from Cool Create (RRP £9.99) or the Cool Cardz Design Studio (RRP £14.99).

Whether you’re travelling economy or business class, we’ve all felt ear discomfort as the plane begins to takes off and later descends due to the change in air pressure, so if you’re travelling with a baby remember to pack a bottle or a dummy for them to suck on as this will help to equalize the ear pressure and prevent them from crying in discomfort.

While travelling on a plane the air con is on sometimes and it can get chilly, so if you or your little one plan on wearing a dress or short sleeved clothing consider bringing a lightweight blanket too!

All In One
While we were conducting our research, we came across some handy travel boxes too that come with a range of toys, books, activities, healthy snacks and much more. On KeepEmQuiet.com, the travel boxes are sorted by gender and age with prices starting from £10.99!  Similarly, plox.co.uk has a Plox Travel box available for £35! So if you want to make your journey that little bit easier, or don’t have the time to go out and grab some bits and bobs for your travels then look no further. 

What are your essentials for travelling on a plane with your little one? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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