Christmas is the one time of year where families come together to rejoice and celebrate. One of the greatest parts about Christmas is spending quality time with our loved ones, dining on good food and drink and enjoying a little friendly competition around the dinner table. Get the kids (or yourselves) off those electronic devices and have fun playing games and creating memories this year. Take a look at our pick of the best family games that are bound to make everyone smile.

Name ItRRP £29.99
First on the list, Name It! Courtesy of Character Options, this pop culture audio trivia game is a great way for your family to test their knowledge across a range of different subjects including movies, music, TV and more. With over 400 audio questions across 25 exciting categories – you know it…You just need to prove it! One clue, one clip will you be the first to Name It?

Whether you’re waiting for the turkey to cook and need to entertain your guests or have just cleared the dirty dinner plates, now is the time to play the classic game of charades. Regardless of your age, charades is fun for all the family. For a quick recap, charades involve one person acting out an action without talking while everyone else tries to guess what that person is doing. All you need to get started is a timer, words for charades and a paper and pen to keep track of the scores. With Christmas approaching, keep the words that you act out festive. Examples can be downloaded here.

A Girl And A Glue Gun

Poop the Potato – RRP £19.99
Poop the Potato by Imagination Games is guaranteed to have everyone in stitches this Christmas! All you need to get started is two teams, two buckets and ten potatoes. Set the two buckets across the room, agree on the appropriate punishment, line the two teams up in single file and distribute the potatoes to the players. Now for the funny part…Each player grips the potato between their thighs, then waddles their way to the other side of the room and squats to ‘poop’ the potato into the bucket. The lower you go, the funnier it is. Anyone who is caught using their hands or drops the potato will receive a punishment. The first team to ‘poop’ all of their potatoes into the bucket wins the glory.

Boom Blast Stix
, RRP £14.99
Boom Blast Stix will keep you and your family in suspense this Christmas. Take it in turns to lock and stack spring loaded stix, but be careful, placing a stix in the wrong place may cause all of the stix in the stack to explode! Will you be the one to make them fly? Coming in a cool container that doubles up as a play area for the game, do you have the nerve and gentle touch to play Boom Blast Stix?


CluedoRRP £13.49
One murder…six suspects. Cluedo is without a doubt the classic Hasbro family board game that never gets tired! Is it just us or do you find yourselves playing the game time and time again? It just never gets old, unlike Colonel Mustard who must be well over 100 years old by now! That’s why we mums all agree that Cluedo is the family-friendly game for you to play over the festive period. It’s up to you to crack the case!

Pie Face – RRP £9.99
Talking of Hasbro, the oh so famous Pie Face game will have you and your family on the edge of the seat this festive season! Take turns twisting the handles for as many clicks as the spinner indicates and let’s hope you don’t get whacked with the squirty cream! Who knows, it might be you who gets a face full of cream next!

What games will you be playing this year? Let us know by commenting below.

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