With festival season coming up, we’re sharing some of our favourite festival face paint ideas for kids using Paint Pop Face Paint Sticks.

What Kind of Paint is Best for Face Painting?

Always use safe, non-toxic face paints specifically designed for use on the face.

We love Paint Pop Face Paint Sticks. They’re especially formulated for kids — they’re skin safe and non-toxic. But — even so — test the paints on a small area of skin first to ensure there are no adverse reactions and always remove the face paint properly at the end of the day.

Is Face Paint Safe for Kids?

If you choose a reputable brand, then yes — absolutely! Cheaper brands can contain nasties such as lead, mercury or even asbestos. So when choosing face paint and makeup products, it’s definitely worth scanning the ingredients. Even products marketed to children and teens can cause problems like skin irritation.

Paint Pop Face Paint Sticks are gentle on skin, which is why we love them at UK Mums. But — best of all — they’re really easy to remove too.

No-one wants their festival face paint on the following week at school!

Just a quick wipe with a wet, soapy flannel — or a baby wipe — and you’d never know that

Festival Face Paint Ideas For Kids

  1. Rainbow: Paint a colourful rainbow across the cheeks. Start from one corner then arc across to the other side.
  2. Animal Faces: Transform kids into their favourite animals. Such as tigers, butterflies, lions or pandas. Add details like whiskers, stripes, spots, or colourful wings.
  3. Flower Power: Paint vibrant flowers on their foreheads or cheeks, with petals, stems, and leaves in various colours.
  4. Superhero: Create superhero masks using face paint. Spider-Man, Batman and Wonder Woman are popular choices.
  5. Fairy or Princess: Paint delicate, sparkling designs with pastel colours. Finish with glitter and shimmer — you can also include elements like stars and stick on gems. Then add tiaras or fairy wings for maximum effect.
  6. Space Explorer: Use blues, purples and silver to create an outer space theme. Draw planets, stars, and rockets on the face.
  7. Pirate: Turn kids into swashbuckling pirates with an eye patch, scars, and a painted beard.
  8. Mermaid: Paint scales on the cheeks, add shimmery blue or green colours. Then embellish with pearls or glitter.
  9. Tribal: This is one of the easiest festival face paint ideas for kids. Create swirls, shapes and zig-zags for a super simple design.

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