[AD] Welcome to Ravel Tales! These quirky characters live in a cozy, little sewing shop called The Last Strand. Although there is comfort and security hiding from customers inside their balls of yarn day in and day out, they do find themselves curious about the outside world.

Secretly they band together and form a club called THE UNRAVELLERS and plot how they can venture out (and unravel their yarn balls) without being noticed.

These adventures ultimately become their RAVEL TALES!

So how do Ravel Tales work…

Within each Ravel Tales there are nine surprises inside and the more you unwind…the more you find!

Unravel the multi-coloured, rainbow wool to reveal nine cute surprises, including a lovable, collectable soft animal toy. There are lots of accessories and even a sewing project to make your cute pet a cosy bed from the fabric and using the wool to stuff it and sew it together! There is a cute Pom Pom project so you can decorate your Ravel Tale bed or even your own bag! You can also make beautiful friendship bracelets or accessories for your pet.

The fab Ravel Tales teaches crafting and sewing skills and improves dexterity in a fun way and provides hours of entertainment for children! There are 12 characters to reveal in 12 different designs…or will you find the rare golden Unicorn or Panda? Cute characters include: Pom Pom Pups, Knittens, Purl Ponies and Button Bears.

You can pick up Ravel Tales from Argos, Smyths, Tesco and Amazon.

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