When decorating a child’s bedroom the costs can soon stack up. As children’s tastes in books and toys are forever changing it may seem impossible for you to create a stylish and an age appropriate room whilst sticking to a budget, but with a little money and a lot of imagination this can be achieved.

Furniture that grows with your child
Whilst Winnie the Pooh may be your new-born’s favourite fictional character, don’t go too overboard and start buying wallpaper and curtains that are covered in his little yellow face because when they’re a five-year-old school boy they’ll be feeling mortified and plead you to redecorate. Instead, buy non-themed furniture that won’t need to be replaced as quickly as your child’s interests will change, or try adding little accessories into their room of their favourite character such as teddy bears and boxes.

Opt for classic pieces of furniture, preferably in natural wood or soft shades of your child’s favourite colour. Such colours will grow with your child meaning that they won’t out date as quickly as themed furniture.

Personalise furniture
Instagram and Pinterest are two great photo-sharing sites to gather inspiration from when it comes to turning any tired and run down pieces furniture into masterpieces. Instead of splurging out on a new bedside table or a wardrobe for your child’s bedroom, give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life by freshening it up with a lick of paint or stencils. If you don’t have any old pieces of furniture lying around, take a wander around a charity shop or a second-hand shop to see if you can find a piece of furniture for a bargain. Not only will this help you to keep your costs down, but it allows you to be experimental and revamp these pieces of furniture.

Display their artwork
Rather than buying photos and posters, hang your child’s very own drawings and paintings on their wall(s) as this will add a personal and quirky touch to their room. Instead of going out to buy photo frames, search your home from top to bottom (we recommend the attic) to see if you can find any forgotten or unused frames and reuse them. Alternatively, you can hang your child’s creations on the wall by using a curtain wire and curtain rings with clips.

Storage solutions
It would be a dream to live in an uncluttered home, rid of plastic toys and books that have been strewn all over the floor. But the simple task of tidying up is yet to be mastered by children, which makes storage systems a necessity to every nursery and bedroom. When it comes to buying storage, look for inexpensive and low height storage systems that can easily be accessed by your child. Baskets, sacks or lidless boxes are the best storage systems to buy for your child as they can easily be reached into and you don’t have to worry about your tot trapping their fingers in heavy, lidded boxes. Here at UKMums.tv we love these bright and fun Paw Patrol storage boxes which are sure to encourage your child to tidy up after themselves.

Make a statement
Create a feature wall or simply break up a blank and tired space with an oversized wall sticker as this will add interest and energy to your child’s bedroom. There are hundreds of fun designs available to buy both on the high street and online and the best thing is that once your child grows out of them they can simply be peeled off rather than you having to spend hours scraping them off like a madman. You’ll find plenty of wall stickers at notonthehighstreet.comnext.co.uk and parkinsinteriors.com.

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Image taken from Flickr.

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