This week, we’ve been introducing Milkshake!’s brilliant new animated preschool series Sesame Street Mecha Builders. And by now, you’ll know what the show is about, who the main characters are and why our families have been loving it.

But if you’ve not yet actually watched the show, you might be wondering what makes it so great. So here are our top five reasons why the show is SO special!

1. New heroes with Mecha abilities

Mecha Elmo, Mecha Cookie Monster, and Mecha Abby will bring that same awe and wonder that kids have for superheroes. Using gadgets like googlyvision, mecha wings and Elmo’s gadget arm, the Mecha Builders are the newest heroes here to save the day!​

2. Reaches an older preschool audience

Mecha Builders allows an older preschool audience to see their favorite Sesame Street core characters in a whole new way.​

3.  Animation delivers great action & visual humour

The CGI animation allows Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby to move and interact like never before. With a sprawling and rich world full of characters and problems, the animation delivers great action and visual humor.​

4. STEM-related learning and important teachings

The Mecha Builders and audience will learn no matter what the giant, silly out of this world problem is, it can be solved by implementing everyday STEM and critical thinking skills. Each episode focuses on a STEM concept that eventually helps the Mecha Builders save the day!​

But the teachings go far beyond the episode’s link to the curriculum. The stories also carry valuable messages about how it’s okay to make mistakes. And given that children learn through making mistakes, the series will be very much relatable to them!

5. Fun & energetic entertainment!

The stories are a great mix of energetic entertainment and STEM-related learning, with the favourite Sesame Street characters. 

Love the sound of Sesame Street Mecha Builders? You can watch it now on Channel 5’s Milkshake! every weekday at 7.15am and on demand on My 5.

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Feature image credit: @alfieandmummysteph

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