Like all superheroes and their rivals, SuperZings get up to all kinds of madcap adventures in the cartoon world their call home – Kaboom City. Fans can join in the fun and find out more about all their favourite characters in the SuperZings cartoons on YouTube.
Here’s a taste of what to expect in our favourite episodes:

Ep 7 – Wondershine vs Lockdown
The central idea of SuperZings is that each Superhero battles it out with their Supervillain rival. There are loads of fun battles to watch, but we like the ultra-glam Wondershine, who (literally) run rings around her rival in this hilarious episode!

Ep 13, 14 – The Mysterious Robbery of the Kazoom PART I & II
In this double episode the mysterious happenings around the new laboratory start to unfold – setting the scene for fans to recreate the action with the fantastic new SuperZings Secret Lab Attack playset.

Ep 11 – The Supercars Race! Coolizer vs Spice Bandit
SuperZings love speed and adventure, so fans will love this episode featuring the new SuperZings Supercars in action!
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