This spring has seen a resurgence in family time and is one positive aspect of the current coronavirus crisis. It’s also of little doubt that one pastime that we have all enjoyed is an hour or so in the garden, on the balcony or any other open space you find yourself in. This stress busting time out has been essential and has provided mums and dads with the perfect opportunity for a little one on one with the kids.

With this in mind, gardening has become the new sport, and seeing something transform has offered respite to us all. When you see things grow from seeds there’s more than a little hope that sprouts with them. What’s more whatever the size of your space, whether it’s an allotment, garden, balcony or even a light filled windowsill, we can all benefit from the green fingered glow.

With garden centres open again here are some simple wins that won’t break the bank for you and the kids.

Plant some flower seeds
It can be in any pot you can find as long as it has a little drainage. Old margarine tubs work a treat, or you may have some old plant pots lying around. Choose simple to grow annuals like godieta, sweet peas or marigolds. They don’t take much care, simply follow the instructions and off you go. Once they sprout, they’ll need planting out and if you don’t have much space outside what about an old plastic storage for a lovely mini garden. They also make the perfect flower gifts for the grandparents.

Marigold by Silvia Corradin

Grow your own herbs
Can you believe how much fresh herbs cost? You’re much better off investing in three or four of your favourites from the garden centre. They transform a meal and you can cut what you need and it’ll grow back again.  Our favourites and easy to grow are mint, parsley, and coriander.

Dominika Roseclay

Recycle your veg
Did you know? There are many common vegetables that you can re-grow from scraps like potatoes, spring onions, garlic, celery and carrots – to name a few, helping you reduce food waste and save some pennies. Try planting the rooting base of the bulb or stem into your garden and fingers crossed some fresh veg will begin to grow.

Create a fairy garden
This one’s for the kids. Why not collect pebbles and bits of wood and create a fairy garden in a deep tray?  They can add to it whenever they like and even add some small plants which will grow too. It’s a magical activity that will give them something to treasure.


Have you got a simple garden win you’d like to share with us? Let us know by commenting down below or over on Facebook and Twitter @UKMumstv.

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