From the team at UKMums.TV to all the mums out there – a very Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

Mother’s Day is a very special day on which we give thanks to our mums. It’s a day for appreciation, celebrating those who have cared for us and helped us to grow.

For some of us, mothering figures are not necessary our biological mothers; it’s those who have shown us that nurturing support – be it a mother, a grandmother, a father, an aunt or otherwise. And that’s the beauty of Mother’s Day – it’s a day for one and all!

Mother’s Day is also a day that can stir up feelings of grief and pain as we remember those special people who are no longer with us, but who reside safely in our hearts. To those individuals, our thoughts are with you on this difficult day.

But memories are something to cherish, so whether they be here in body or in spirit, let this be a happy occasion. Make this a day for remembering all of those special moments spent with our mums.

So today’s the day to show your love and gratitude to those amazing individuals who helped to shape your life. Be sure to call them, send a card of thanks, or shower them with gifts – these tokens needn’t cost the earth (think time, handmade trinkets, flowers, etc.). Just make sure that your mum knows that she is loved and that you are thankful for all that she (or he!) has done for you.

A very Happy Mother’s Day!

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