The Bizzy Bubs babies are on the go! These bundles of joy are always way too busy for bedtime as they’re constantly having fun, they’re full of life and personality and they can’t wait to play and show you what they do! We would like to introduce you to the Little Live Bizzy Bubs babies, who all have their own unique personalities, plus some other playsets which will complete your little one’s playtime with the Little Live Bizzy Bubs from Character Options:

Baby Polly Petals
Polly Petals is on the go as she talks and walks like a real baby! As sweet as a rose and as cute as a baby butterfly, Polly Petals is growing in confidence every day! A shy little girl with blooming big ideas, her mission is to save the world one tree at a time!

Baby Primmy
Watch out, Baby Primmy is crawling! From the top of her tiara to her tiny toes, Primmy is one prim and proper little princess! Confident and bright she’s a sparkling sight admired by all her followers. If there’s a job to do she’s the baby to do it! Primmy talks and crawls like a real baby! Listen to her make adorable baby sounds.

Baby Gracie
Gracie is a busy bundle of joy – she’s always bouncing about. Full of life and personality, she can’t wait to play and show you what she can do! Thank goodness she has her cute crib to rest in. It’s the perfect place to dream about being a beautiful ballerina.
Each of the single pack Bizzy Bubs babies from Character Options are £14.99 each RRP. To add to the Bizzy Bubs babies, there are Bizzy Bubs playsets to collect too, each £22.99 RRP.

Toilet Time Clever Chloe Playset
There’s a new playset available from July. Chloe is all grown up, so now it’s time for her to be a big girl and use the potty. Your little ones can watch clever baby Chloe use the potty! She is very excitable and will happily talk like a real baby, then watch and see if she will tinkle or poop!

Peek-a-boo baby Swirlee
Baby Swirlee loves to play, especially Peek-a-boo which is her favourite game! Carry Baby Swirlee around in her cute carrier which your little ones can take wherever they go, as they watch her talk and giggle. Feed her with her bottle and pop in her dummy when she’s sleepy.

Who is your little one’s favourite Bizzy Bub? Let us know on social media! You can browse and buy the Little Live Bizzy Bubs range from Character Options here.

Image taken from Whinge Whinge Wine.

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