You’ve met the Little Live Bizzy Bubs, now we’d like to introduce you to the Little Live Pets! You and your little one can create magical moments with an array of beautiful birds to magical, mythical creatures that come to life with play. Have a look at the product line:

Lil’ Unicorns
Your little girls dream will come true when the Lil’ Unicorns come to life! Sprinkles and Princess are the must have unicorns, launching in July this year, with their many interactive features to discover. Their horns light up, shimmer in different colours and when they are petted, they nuzzle! With cute unicorn sounds, these magical creatures love affection. The unique trotting action really makes them come to life and when play is over, they can be rewarded by feeding them their magical food. 

Surprise Dragons
Unleash the Surprise Dragons! Your little ones can recreate mythical adventures with four colourful characters to collect. They start out in their eggs, ready to be hatched where your little ones can await a wonderful surprise! Once hatched, watch them attempt to flap their wings and hop off the ground as they try to fly. With four to collect and a possibility of finding a surprise Ruby Dragon, plus two more available with the delightful Baby Dragon Cage playsets, there’s plenty of choice.

Lil’ Cutie Pups
Say hello to the cutest pups around, Pawberry, Sprinky and Starbow! Lil' Cutie Pups are full of life and love to show off their own personalities as they scamper about, beg and play with your little one. Watch them play with their ball and eat from their bowl. Then, your little one can pat them to hear them sing! These pups will brighten your little ones day, wherever they take them.

These butterflies will become any little ones new friend that magically comes to life and flutters in the palm of a hand! Your kids will love how real they feel as they flutter their wings in response to their touch. There are 6 beautiful butterflies to collect, each with their own individual pattern and display pad.

Light Up Birds
The Light Up Birds come in four sparkly characters, each with their own unique pattern and personality. The more kids pet these cute friends, the more they will respond by lighting up their wings and sparkling! They will sing to you as your little ones pet them and even record voices which they repeat back to you as bird talk.

Which pet does your little one like the sound of? Let us know on social media! To find out more about the Little Live range, visit www.character-online.co.uk

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