As part of the Stay Active takeover, we’ve been looking at the importance of regular exercise. But, with the seasonal weather in England, outdoor sports and activities aren’t to everyone’s taste! So here are our fun, family-friendly ideas for staying active all year round…

Stream Kid-Friendly Workouts

It’s true the great outdoors offers kids space to explore, play and be active. But when the weather isn’t supporting those fresh air dreams there are other ways to stay active indoors. Online you’ll find numerous exercise resources. During lockdown, Joe Wicks created some fabulous videos to keep children moving. Or head to YouTube for more great activity videos that your family can enjoy.

For some more great links, check out this page from Sport England on online exercise platforms: https://www.sportengland.org/jointhemovement?section=get_active_at_home

Dance Parties!

What easier way to stay active than popping on some music to dance away the stresses of the day?! Everyone loves to dance… and at home you can do so like nobody’s watching!

The Stay Active Collection

The Stay Active collection from Character Options includes family-inclusive toys and games that can be played with both inside and out. This collection brings families together to improve their general wellbeing in a fun way. Find out more about this brilliant collection here.

Indoor / Outdoor Hopscotch

Hopscotch is an age-old activity that is fun for all! If it’s not raining, all you’ll need is a stick of chalk to draw out a hopscotch pattern on the driveway or patio. But if it’s too cold or rainy, just grab some masking tape and map out the pattern on your kitchen floor…

For more great active fun, head back to the main takeover page, where you’ll be able to enter our Stay Active competition, plus more!

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