Last week saw the return of the Great British Bake Off, and with it we are expecting to see a baking bug hit the country once again! Baking is a really great thing to do with the kids, not only does it team them skills such as measuring, cooking and … patience, but it’s also a creative outlet and VERY rewarding at the end. BUT baking with young children can sometimes be messy or complicated.

Fear not, with these kits and products baking with your family will be easier than ever!

Little Cooks Co – The Little Cooks Co is a wonderful subscription service that makes baking with the kids fun, easy and healthy. Each month you receive a kit of dry ingredients, an apron and a recipe card to a new treat, as well as some added extras like felt tips to keep the little ones amused long after the baking fun has ended! Just add the wet ingredients and follow the steps! Simple! You’ll also receive a dinner recipe card (without ingredients) so they can get used to cooking savoury food as well.

Little Cooks Co

Lakeland Cookware Ultimate Baking Gift Set
 – Children don’t need asking twice to help out in the kitchen when there’s cake mix involved (and the promise to lick EVERYTHING clean), and it’s all the more tempting when all the baking tins and tools are bright, cheery and perfectly proportioned just for them! We love this set to get things started!


Cookie Crumbles Kits – Cookie Crumbles sell a range of premium baking kits to make baking everything from muffins to cookies really easy!

Cookie Crumbles Fabulous Gingerbread Biscuit Mix is perfect for a spot of autumn baking!

Dr Oetker products  – For the most colourful decorating kits, sprinkles and icing, Dr Oetker have a huge range of products that can be purchased at most supermarkets!

Available at TESCO

Good Housekeeping Kids Cook!
– We love this book from Good Housekeeping. All the recipes are reliable and easy to follow, not to mention totally family friendly!


What do you like baking with your family? Let us know below or over on social media!

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