We’re in the midst of our #TonkaToysUK takeover week on UKMUMS.TV with Basic Fun!, the makers of the Tonka toy collection. If you’re yet to see the collection in action, check out all the toys in the collection in our product guide here [INSERT LINK]. But first, keep reading to find out how playing with Tonka toys can help kids learn, whilst also supporting early development.

Construction toy play

The learning and developmental benefits of construction play are well documented – especially in a child’s early years. And this is something that Basic Fun! knows only too well. The Tonka toy collection has been carefully designed to support fun learning. Here are just a few ways that Tonka toys support learn and child development…

Helps improve storytelling skills

In creating construction play scenarios, children are developing their storytelling ability, which is key for language development – both in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and verbal proficiency. It also supports the development of planning skills as kids learn to structure their stories in a logical way.


Tonka toys are designed to be as authentic as they can be, with a design that looks like and behaves just like the real thing, which offers children an immerse and realistic play experience. This helps to foster creativity, as kids imagine new construction play storylines. This can help to support mental growth in children, encouraging them to think in new ways, and develop problem-solving skills.

Problem Solving & Creative Thinking

Through their constructive play, kids learn what works and what does not. The trial-and-error method teaches kids about the world around them, and improves their problem-solving skills, as well as their creative thinking.

Fine Motor Skills & Hand-Eye Coordination

Tonka toys are carefully designed to behave as much like the real thing as possible, and they come packed with lots of fun features that allow kids to control the way each vehicle moves. Whether children are pushing their Tonka trucks through the sandpit, moving the bed up and down on the Dump Truck to trigger its unloading action, or operating the long, moveable arm of the Toughest Mighty Crane, children are developing their fine and gross motor skills, while also practising their hand-eye coordination.

You can shop the Tonka toy collection at John Lewis, Amazon, House Of Fraser, The Entertainer, Very and all good independent toy shops.

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