We’re in the midst of our #CatToysUK takeover with Funrise International, the makers of the Cat® toys collection. If you haven’t already seen the collection in action, click here. But first, keep reading to find out how Cat toys can support your child’s development.


Construction toy play


The learning and developmental benefits of construction play are well documented – especially in a child’s early years. And this is something that Funrise UK knows only too well. The Cat toy collection – both the core Cat collection and the Cat Junior Crew toys – have been carefully designed to support fun learning. Here are just a few ways that Cat toys support a child’s early development…


Cat toys embody the features for which Caterpillar is known (quality, durability, boldness), providing an immerse play experience that is as true to life as can be. This helps to foster creativity, as children dream up new construction play storylines. These kinds of activities help to support mental growth in children, encouraging them to think in new ways, and develop their problem-solving skills.

Improves Storytelling Skills

In creating construction play scenarios, children are developing their storytelling ability, which is key for language development – both in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and verbal proficiency. It also supports the development of planning skills as kids learn to structure their stories in a logical way.

Problem Solving & Learning About Cause and Effect

Through their constructive play, kids learn what works and what does not. The trial-and-error method teaches kids about the world around them, and improves their problem-solving skills, as well as their creative thinking. Many Cat toys also have interactive features which further support a child’s understanding of the relationship between cause and effect. Take the Junior Crew Fix-It Phillip – each tool has a unique shape and a specific purpose which, when matched to its corresponding part on the bench, activates different lights and Kid-Vroom Sounds™ to let the child know they’ve successfully completed the task.

Fine Motor Skills & Hand-Eye Coordination

Each Cat toy places children at the centre of the action, letting them control each vehicle’s every move. Whether children are pushing their Cat Little Machines through the sandpit, pressing down on the engine’s helmet to bring the Cat Junior Crew Power Tracks Friends Train Set to life, or moving the joystick of their Cat Mighty Motorised Wheel loader, kids are developing their fine and gross motor skills, while also practising their hand-eye coordination.


Drive home the fun learning with the Cat toy collection!  


While children will naturally develop key early skills with the Cat toy collection, there are a number of ways that we can use Cat toys to provide even more fun and developmental benefits!

Check out the fun game ideas below, which are great for sensory development:


Sensory Colour Matching Activity

Check out this incredible sensory play station from @celenakinsey. This super fun activity uses Cat Little Machines to help teach children to colour match, while also helping them to learn about traffic light signals and more fun inventions and innovations!



Safe, edible, sensory construction play!

And here’s another super idea from @celenakinsey, which uses Cat Little Machines and adds a new edible dimension to sensory construction play! Fun learning really drives up an appetite… and kids are going to love being able to eat the tasty ‘sand’ from this clever play station!



Road Works activity!

We absolutely LOVE this road works activity from @our_homestead. Kids love to recreate what they see in real life and with this great sensory activity setup, and the help of a few Cat Little Machines vehicles, kids will be able to fully immerse themselves in construction play!



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Other great game ideas


Scavenger Hunt

Another great way to use Cat toys to support learning is to create a fun scavenger hunt, placing items around the garden for your child to locate and collect with their Cat toy vehicle. The Large Steel Dump Truck would be great for this game!


Got some ideas of your own?

Be sure to share your family’s fabulous game ideas with the Funrise UK team on Facebook and Instagram by tagging @CatToysOfficialUK.


Love what you see? Head back to the main takeover hub to check out the full Cat takeover. There are more features and there’s also our on-site competition, which offers the chance to win 1 of 3 Cat toy bundles!

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