If you can’t make it to Dublin to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this year then don’t despair – we’ve got some typical tasty Irish recipes to stop you feeling left out!  Check them out below.

Beef and stout pie
Celebrating St Patrick’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without Guinness! This rich savoury pie is filled with beef, bacon and mushrooms, all slow-cooked in Guinness and beef stock. This hearty recipe courtesy of allrecipes.co.uk is fairly easy to make and serves six people, serve it with some good ol’ Irish Colcannon.

Ashley Stone

Side dishes don’t come any more Irish than creamy Colcannon and here’s a simple recipe to help you make it, courtesy of BBC Good Food.  This is a fab alternative to plain mash whatever you serve alongside it, you can always add spring onions as well as (or instead of) cabbage if you prefer.

Good Food

Irish Soda Bread
Get the taste of Ireland with this fresh, no-fuss soda bread. As with many of the best breads in the world, Irish Soda Bread is a traditional product of a poor country and is made with only the most basic of ingredients including flour, baking soda (instead of yeast), soured milk to moisten and activate the soda, and salt.  It’s easy to make and takes about 50 minutes in total.

Margaret Hickey

Chocolate Guinness Cake
We’re back to using to Ireland’s favourite drink again, this time in a magnificent chocolate Guinness cake!  This recipe, courtesy of Nigella, is unconventional as it uses a cream cheese frosting to echo the pale head on top of a glass of stout.  You could, of course, use whipped ordinary cream instead or, alternatively, leave the cake un-iced as it tastes gorgeous just plain! Whichever option you choose, just enjoy!

James Merrell

What will you be cooking up this St Patrick’s Day?  Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter @UKMums.TV  

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