A mother’s job is 24/7! Even when you’re tired, sick, or hungry a mum’s work is never done!

Now, we know you wouldn’t change a thing about this full-time gig, but when you invest so much love and energy into looking after someone else, you’ve got to be careful not to neglect your own needs! That way, you’ll be in tip-top shape and ready to undertake all of your Supermum duties!

So practice a bit of self-care this spring and make some time for yourself! How you spend this time is completely up to you, but do make sure that it’s spent doing something that’s just for you! Hobbies and down-time can really help you to unwind from your daily routine, and they can also help improve mental health and wellbeing,

So, with that said, here are some of the ways that we love to spend our me-time at UKMums.TV HQ!


Running is a great way to switch off for a while. Not only does it pull your focus from things in your life that might be worrying you, it also gets you outdoors to breathe in a bit of fresh air! With all the great benefits that come with exercising, running is one sure way to get those endorphins pumping around your body! If you’re new to running, try the Couch to 5K programme! And hopefully soon we’ll be able to get back to enjoying some of the parkrun events – which have a social element, too!  



While running is great, you might not always be able to leave the house as a mum. If that’s the case, yoga is great alternative. Ideal for a bit of me-time at any time, Yoga will still get the body moving and the happy hormones flowing! It also ties into mindfulness practice for some all-round healthy fun! At UKMums.TV, we recommend Yoga with Adriene – she has a wealth of YouTube videos for you to get stuck into. A great place to start is her recent Free 30 Day Yoga Journey for 2021.


Learning a Language

¿Hablas Español? Well you could. Learning another language has never been more accessible, thanks to programmes and apps like Duolingo, Babbel and Rosetta Stone. So, get yourself ready for that well-overdue holiday and get studying!



Growing your own vegetables or herbs at home can be a really fulfilling way to spend your time – plus, when they’re ready you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour!


Arts and Crafts

We LOVE being creative! Arts and crafts activities allow for self-expression, and they give us an outlet for our emotions! They also offer an opportunity to create something awesome, which can give us a huge confidence boost! So, whether it be knitting, painting, creating clothing items, or something equally as fun, bring a spot of creativity into your leisure time!


Through lockdown we’ve been seeing so many great news stories about home transformations that have been done on a tight budget! And guess what? Behind a lot of these fabulous home makeovers is an awesome Supermum! Far from being your professional interior designer/ builder/ tiler/ etc., these mums have been watching step-by-step tutorials on YouTube and finding inspiration online to make their home renovation dreams come true! Click here and here for a couple of our favourites!


How will you be spending your me-time? Let us know on our social pages!


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