From a succulent steak to a heart-warming shepherd’s pie, beef is a versatile meat that goes down a treat with a glass of red wine. Here’s a list of our favourite meals that use beef:

Steak – You can never go wrong with the classic of steak and chips. This classic combo can be adapted to your personal preference. Everyone likes their meat cooked differently with it taking 2-3 minutes each side for rare and up to 5-6 minutes each side for well-done. If you want to spice up your steak, why not add your own seasonings after all there are so many to choose from. Served with chips, multiple sides and a creamy peppercorn sauce, steak is the ultimate Friday night treat. 

Roast beef – Who doesn’t love tucking into a juicy joint of roast beef on a Sunday? Served best with fluffy roast potatoes, a handful of vegetables, stuffing, Yorkshire puddings and piping hot gravy, it’s a filling meal that we all look forward to.

Shepherd’s pie – Beef mince can be used to make chilli con carne, spaghetti bolognese, meatballs and our personal favourite at this time of the year, a shepherd’s pie. Take a look at this recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food to find out how you can make your own. 

Burgers – Instead of going to a restaurant for a burger why not try making your very own from the comfort of your own home. Simply combine your beef mince with an egg and a handful of your favourite seasonings to make a flavoursome burger. Then divide the mix into equal-sized patties, oil a frying pan and get cooking. Once cooked, pop the burgers into your favourite buns or rolls and serve them with coleslaw or a salad and crispy wedges.

Beef wellington – This meal requires a bit elbow grease as you’ve got the fillet of steak, pâté, duxelles (a fancy word for a finely chopped mixture of mushrooms, onions and herbs reduced into a paste) and puff pastry to think about. Beef wellington is ideal for serving up when you’ve got your family and friends coming around plus it makes for an impressive centrepiece. Why not give this recipe from delicious a bash? 

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