This week, we’ve been introducing Batwheels, Cartoonito’s brilliant new series for kids aged 4-6. Packed with important teachings including the value of self-confidence, friendship and teamwork, the show offers little ones a great introduction to the world of DC Super Heroes.

This brilliant new series is set in Gotham City and follows the adventures of the Batwheels – a team of newly-minted crime-fighting super-vehicles. Together, they must navigate the growing pains of being a kid, face off with the Legion of Zoom and helping Batman, Batgirl and Robin to keep the streets of Gotham City safe.

The series premieres this month on Cartoonito, with the first episodes airing this Saturday from 8AM. New episodes will be show thereafter every day, all month and beyond. You can read more about Batwheels in our feature here, but first, let us introduce you to the lovable characters from the show:

Meet the Batwheels

Bam – The Batmobile and leader of the Batwheels team. Like his hero Batman, Bam has a strong sense of justice and tries his best to lead the team, even though he’s not always sure he’s up for the task. Ultimately, the other Batwheels know they can count on him, both as a super teammate, and as a friend.

Bibi – Batgirl’s brave and bold motorcycle. She is the fastest of the Batwheels, but also the smallest, so she sometimes has a habit of being impulsive and jumping right into the action without a plan.

Redbird – Robin’s zippy sports car “Red” is the kid brother of the team, always eager to prove himself a worthy sidekick to Bam but he can definitely hold his own on a mission. He’s enthusiastic and extremely inquisitive, asking tons of questions, like a kid detective.

Buff – The Bat-styled monster truck is the team’s muscle and can ram through or run over any obstacle in his path, but he’s also the heart of the team – a gentle giant who doesn’t really know his own strength.

Batwing – Batman’s supersonic jet plane, “Wing” is easily the most sophisticated and confident member of the team.

Meet the DC Super Heroes

Batman – Batman doesn’t communicate directly with his Bat-vehicles; he acts as a father figure to them. They always seek his approval and his trust, whilst fighting alongside him.

Batgirl – Batgirl is the tech-savvy daredevil of the group. She always wanted to be in the centre of the action while out on missions.

Robin – In the show, Robin gradually grows more confident in his skills. He has a playful relationship with his Bat-sibling that can be observed throughout the series.

Meet the Legion of Zoom, who the Batwheels are defending Gotham City from

Prank – The Joker’s favourite ride, Prank is tricked out with all manner of pernicious pranks – confetti cannons, a joy buzzer, and the like. Prank is often more interested in having a good laugh at someone’s expense tan carrying out a plan.

Jestah – Harley Quinn’s souped-up ATV, Jestah displays all of the same obnoxious irreverence as her owner, along with an even bigger, badder giant mallet! Jestah is full of tricks and loves to mock and tease the Batwheels as they chase her through the streets of Gotham City.

Quizz – Like his owner, The Riddler’s helicopter loves to befuddle the Batwheels, with riddles, but unlike The Riddler’s, his riddles don’t always make sense. He is the youngest of the Zooms, and is prone to throwing tantrums, especially when no one can figure out his riddles!

Ducky – The Penguin’s vehicle is an amphibious duck boat. Ducky can travel on land or sea and is equipped with an array of sneaky surprises, like umbrella shields and a squid-ink sprayer. He’s a bit of a snob like his owner and doesn’t always get along with the rest of the Zooms.

Snowy – Mr. Freeze’s snow-crawler is armed with snow blowers and icicle missiles that can freeze opponents in their tracks. He is a little clumsy and because of the way he’s treated by his teammates, he sometimes considers swapping sides and joining the Batwheels.

Tune into Batwheels on Cartoonito on Sky 610, Virgin Media 706 or NOW.

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