This week, we’re joined by Simba Toys UK, who has been celebrating the new additions to the BeKind Doll collection. This range of eco-friendly dolls first launched this spring, with five characters to collect – and now children can meet three new characters in the range, all available in a new, smaller 15cm scale.

The BeKind Doll collection has the most beautiful messaging, centred around kindness, inclusivity, and compassion. Like the existing dolls in the range, the new dolls come presented in eco-fashions, displayed in plastic-free, reusable packaging. What’s more, parts of these dolls are created from recycled plastics and the ink used on the dolls and accessories is made from soybeans.

Each doll has her own interest, but all have one shared vision: a world in which everyone is kind to the environment, to each other, and to all living things.

Meet Rose Avery

Rose Avery cares for our environment and loves nature and the great outdoors! Just like her friend Brianna (one of the existing characters in the range) her motto is “go green.” She comes with play seeds, a watering can and flowers for lots of pretend play fun. Rose Avery comes with her pet hedgehog Beans, who children will love decorating with the provided stickers. 

Meet Joy Marie

Love is the answer and Joy Marie knows it! Her friend Ivy – another character from the original collection – inspires her to be kind and to spread love! Together the pair is dedicated to ending bullying. Joy Marie comes with play cell phone, brush, and kindness poster. Children will enjoy decorating her pet kitten Indigo with the provided stickers.

Meet Turquoise Ann

Children will be inspired to be kind to the oceans, thanks to Turquoise Ann, the last of the new characters that have been added to the BeKind collection. Just like her BeKind friend Koral, Turquoise Ann’s motto is “Save Our Sea Life!” and she’s on a mission to save the seas. She comes with a play paddle and paddle board, water bottle and brush. Decorate her pet turtle Kelli Shelli with the included stickers.

And let’s not forget the OG BeKind Girls…

There’s plenty more fun to be had with the original characters in the BeKind collection. These dolls are double the size of the newer 15cm characters, and come with an adorable pet, a bag accessory and a different DIY activity, each designed to help kids better understand their impact on the world.

There’s Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora and Daisy. Brianna cares for our environment; her motto is “go green”. Koral is passionate about protecting sea life by keeping plastic waste out of the ocean. Ivy wants to end bullying and believes being cruel isn’t cool. Nora loves adventure and discovering new places, food and activities – her mottos are “Be brave” and “Believe in Yourself”’. And Daisy loves all animals as an advocate for protecting endangered species.

Both the larger BeKind Dolls and the new, 15cm BeKind Dolls are available now from Argos, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Amazon.

To continue the fun with BeKind, head back to the main takeover hub page, by clicking here.

Whilst you’re on-site, be sure to enter our competition for a chance to win all the new characters in the range!

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What a Brilliant #BeKindDolls Collection.

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