Having fallen off the bandwagon at the annual Christmas work do and New Year’s Eve parties by over-eating and drinking, sip yourself healthy and give your body the goodness it deserves this New Year with these must-have detox teas.

Pure Leaf Matcha Tea, RRP £8.99
Pure Leaf has launched a new range of Matcha teas in three delicious flavours for you to enjoy this year. Pure Matcha is a full bodied, smooth and earthy green tea that is made with 100% Matcha, perfect for those looking for a truly traditional Matcha experience. Matcha Mint is delicately flavoured with a hint of all-natural, micro-ground peppermint leaves for a cool refreshing twist. Matcha Ginger combines pure Matcha with micro-ground ginger root for a subtle warming ginger kick.


Flowering Jasmine Green Tea, 70g, RRP £20
For a unique tea-drinking experience, the Flowering Jasmine Green Tea bulbs are made from tea leaves and are in a league of their own as they open out to reveal a delicate flower within whilst infusing with the water. While these giant flowering bulbs cost a bomb, the sweet fragrant and refreshing flavour is well worth it, and they make for a great gift for any tea enthusiast.

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Organic Matcha Tea, Ceremonial Grade, 40g, RRP £19.95
Presented in a beautiful box, this Ceremonial Grade Matcha tea is organically grown and has numerous health benefits, fundamentally due to its high number of anti-oxidants. Ground in a stone mortar for several hours, this tea has a smooth full-bodied taste, perfect for boosting energy levels and improving vitality. With a vibrant green colour and a subtly sweet flavour, this Matcha tea can be added to lattes, smoothies and baking, or enjoyed by itself with hot water.

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Ginger & Turmeric, RRP £2.99
The combination of Ginger and Turmeric are perfect for fighting off anti-inflammatory issues and giving your immune system a boost. This refreshing tonic can be enjoyed over breakfast as it helps to boost your energy and heighten your senses for the day ahead of you. Simply twist ‘n’ shake to release the organic green goodness from the cap.

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Aduna African Superfood Teas, RRP £3.99
Made with whole pieces of fruit, herbs, leaves and spices, Aduna’s new African Superfood Teas are 100% natural and organic. Each tea has been designed to give you a specific benefit: Cleanse – Combining Mint, Nettle & Moringa, this natural digestif boasts a clean green flavour and a cooling fresh mint finish – super-charged with detoxifying moringa leaves. Vitality – A revitalising infusion of lemon, ginger & baobab, this invigorating combo blends zesty lemon with a kick of ginger – all powered by energising African baobab fruit. Relax – Combining the flavours of cinnamon and cocoa, this tea helps to promote a sense of calm, thanks to its luxurious chocolate aroma and restorative cacao.


Will you be trying one of these detox teas this year? Let us know by commenting below.

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