Spring is coming and with it clearer skies and hopefully a clearer house. We’re all guilty of letting bits and bobs build up in our cupboards and drawers, but not this year, as we’re starting as we mean to go on by actually doing our spring cleaning in spring. Take a look at our list of useful pointers that you can use to spruce and clean up your house too.

Declutter your home
Before you get down to the nitty-gritty of cleaning, it’s always best to declutter your home. If you haven’t used something in the past six months, then consider throwing or giving it away, but there are always exceptions to this such as seasonal items and clothing. Separate out the ‘keep’, ‘donate’ or ‘throw away’ items and clearly label them to avoid any treasures getting thrown away.  Dedicate one drawer in the house as a ‘house drawer’ just for all those bits and bobs such as string, sellotape, batteries, takeaway menus that you never seem to be able to put your hands on when you need them!

Sort out your kitchen cupboards
Lakeland is home to a selection of storage solutions, but we especially like the Expanding Shelf Organiser (£15.99) as it helps you make the most out of your cupboard space, while letting you easily see what you have and need from the shops. Thanks to its clever ‘steps’ design, the shelf organiser raises products at the back higher, meaning no jars will get lost at the back of the cupboard.


Clear out your wardrobe
When it comes to sorting out your wardrobe you have to be really brutal (just the thought of it makes us want to cry a little inside). Let’s face it, if you haven’t worn an item of clothing in six months then chances are you will never wear it again. From now on turn around all the hangers in your wardrobe so that the hooks are pointing towards you (wrong way round). When you wear something, put it back with the hook the normal way. In six months, any hanger still facing the wrong way is holding an item you haven’t worn, ready for the charity bag.

Speaking of wardrobes, if you’re struggling to get to your clothes or simply just want to sort your ‘stuff’ out then these wicker storage baskets from The Basket Company (from £16) and chalkboards (RRP £10.38) are brilliant. Pop your socks, t-shirts and accessories into separate baskets and write what each basket contains on the chalkboard. Then attach the chalkboard to the relevant basket so you can easily identify exactly what you need. This would work really well for kitchen pantries too!



Have a day of life admin
Do you have stacks of statements that need to be filed away or post that has been sitting on your desk for weeks? Is your handbag full of receipts from years ago? Sounds like you need a day of life admin. Life admin is tedious and so many of us put it off, but you will feel a huge sense of satisfaction once you’ve got on top of everything again. Shred any old bank statements, receipts and paperwork that you no longer need to clear down and organise your documents.

Sort out your linen cupboard
We’re adamant that climbing into fresh bed sheets is the best feeling in the world, but it really throws us off the kilter when we can’t find a matching bedding set. Don’t let your sheets get lost in the linen cupboard ever again with this ingenious hack seen on Pinterest. Fold the duvet cover, bottom sheet and one pillow case up together and put them into the second pillow case. Then stack them according to size (single, double, queen, king). This will make it a lot easier when it’s time to swap out your thick cosy bedding for cooler cottons.

Steam clean your microwave
Dirt and grime can easily build up in your microwave, leaving it looking more like a war zone! It’s one of those appliances that you use so often and take for granted so a good clean once in a while won’t do it any harm. The easiest way is to place a cup of water and several tablespoons of white vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl inside your microwave.  Turn it on high power for several minutes until the mixture boils and the window is steamy.  Let it cool for 5 minutes before opening the door, then remove the bowl and simply wipe the inside clean with a sponge.

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