Naming your new baby is never easy – they are literally stuck with your choice for life! Plus you have to work around other family members’ as well as friends’ kids which sometimes leaves your favourites out of the running. So we’ve researched and taken a look at the website babycenter.com for some inspiration and here are our favourites (in no particular order!) with their meanings beside them.

Names for girls

Mabel – A Latin baby name that means loveable. 

Isla – The name Isla is taken from the Scottish origin and it means island.

Elsie – Elsie is an English name that means devoted to God.

Scarlett – This is an English name that simply means bright red.

Millie – The name Millie is a girl’s name of the Latin origin meaning hard worker and gentle strength.

Georgia – A Greek baby name that means farmer.

Ava – From the Latin origin the name Ava means ‘like a bird.’

Amelie – Amelie is taken from the French origin meaning ‘worker.’

Isabella – Isabella/Isabel is a biblical name that means ‘God is my oath.’

Lily – This name is from the flower and is a symbol of purity in Christianity. 

Names for boys

Noah – This name means ‘rest, comfort’ in Hebrew.

Arthur – Arthur is a popular English name meaning “bear.”

Joshua – Joshua is a Biblical name and derives from the Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is salvation.’

Theodore – From the Greek origin, Theodore means ‘divine gift.’

Toby – The name Toby comes from the Hebrew origin and means God is good.

Caleb – From the word ‘dog’ in Hebrew, a symbol of devotion to God.

Isaac – In Hebrew this name means laughter. 

Ezra – The name Ezra is from the Hebrew origin meaning helper.

Silas – If you’re looking for an unusual baby name, how about Silas? The name Silas is from the Latin origin and means wood or ‘of the forest.’

Finley – From the Celtic origin this name means ‘fair warrior’ or ‘fair hero’

Is your favourite on our list?  If not, let us know which name you’ve chosen for your little one over on Facebook and Twitter.

Image taken from Flickr/Office for National Statistics.

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