Hot water bottles and microwaveable hotties come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re filling them with water or are zapping them in the microwave, they are great for keeping you warm whatever the weather and help to soothe stomach cramps and aches. Here are our favourite hot water bottles and hotties.

Penguin Hottie, RRP £12
This adorable penguin hottie from River Island is all dressed for winter, wearing a cute hat and scarf. In pink and grey, this hottie is microwavable and has a lovely lavender scent, making it the perfect companion for cosying up with. While this penguin may be ready for winter, it can be used throughout the year to help improve sleep or just to keep you warm.

River Island

2-Litre Hot Water Bottle with Luxury Brown Faux Fur, RRP £29.99
With a new season comes a new colour palette and textures and nothing screams winter more than brown faux fur, wouldn’t you agree? With sumptuous soft faux fur, this 2-litre hot water bottle is perfect for keeping warm and cosy while in bed or snuggling on the sofa. Not only does this hot water bottle exude luxury and sophistication but it makes for a stylish gift.


Hot Water Bottle Shop

Rainbow Dream Pug Hottie, RRP £10
This hottie combines three of our favourite things, pugs, unicorns and rainbows, yes, we’re big kids at heart. Ideal for the colder months, this magical hottie will keep you or your little one nice and toasty. With a fun design, a light lavender scent and no caps for prying hands to unscrew, you don’t have to worry about any spillages or your kids burning themselves on hot water. This makes for an excellent Christmas present for kids and with its soothing scent it’s a natural aid for sleeping and relaxing. Why not take a look at this panda version too?



Rose, Geranium & Neroli Scented Hot Water Bottle, RRP £19.99
Infused with the pure essential oils of Rose, Geranium and Neroli, this hot water bottle gives off a delicate floral scent when filled with hot water. The combination of soothing warmth and relaxing fragrance makes it the ideal bed warmer and will help you to drift off into a restful sleep. The striped knitted cover is made from a mixture of lambswool and acrylic for an extra soft and snug feel. The bottle also comes in a range of other scents, including jasmine, sandalwood and orange; as well as rosemary, lemon and marjoram.

Aroma Home

Leopard Fur Hot Water Bottle & Cover, RRP £13.95
If you follow fashion then you’ll know that leopard print is in this season. Following on from this fashion trend, why not take a look at this hot water bottle that features a super soft leopard print cover. Fabulously warm and tactile, it is the perfect accompaniment to a chilly evening or a firm favourite for soothing aches and pains, come rain or shine.

Heat Treats

The Body Bottle – Grey, RRP £24.99
In grey, this extra-long hot water bottle (75cm to be exact) is a godsend for easing aches and pains. This body bottle comes with a wearable strap which allows you to wrap it around your shoulders or stomach, giving you heat where it’s needed the most. Using less than a kettle of water, this hot water bottle stays warm for up to 6 hours, helping you to stay toasty on long winter nights.


How will you be keeping warm this winter? Let us know by commenting below!

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