Here at UKMums.TV iced coffee is our favourite beverage to drink during the summer months for a pick-me-up, especially on a hot afternoon. As mums, we definitely need our caffeine kick throughout the day, but the thought of a hot cup of coffee during the warmer weather just doesn’t hit the spot, so what better than to combine a refreshing, iced coffee with our favourite meal of the day – dessert!
But wait, don’t rush to your nearest coffee shop for an over-priced iced coffee – we’ve got some of our favourite recipes that we have tried and tested that we think you will love creating at home!

Condensed Milk Iced Coffee
If you like your coffee strong, try mixing condensed milk with strong espresso then leave it to cool and add milk, then refrigerate it until its cold and serve over ice.. In Spain it’s a tradition to drink coffee like this and traditionally it’s known as a Café Bombon. You can find the full recipe for this creamy and indulgent iced coffee here.

Vanilla Iced Coffee
Keep it simple with a classic Vanilla Iced Coffee. For black coffee lovers, simply brew your favourite espresso, add ice and Monin Vanilla Syrup into a cup, then pour your espresso on top, stir to mix the flavour around and add more ice if needed. Here’s a recipe that we found on BBC Good Food that uses Maple syrup.

Iced Mocha Frappe Coffee
If you love coffee and chocolate, then this recipe is for you chocolate-lovers! Iced coffee, whipped cream and chocolate sauce is something we should treat ourselves to everyday this summer, right!? (Okay, maybe not EVERYDAY, but this tasty recipe got our mouths watering!) We love this recipe so much that we wanted to share it with you!

Easy Iced Coffee Cubes
If you find yourself rushing around the house and don’t have time to create an iced coffee, make iced coffee cubes! Simply brew coffee and let it cool to room temperature, pour into an ice tray, freeze until frozen, then when you need your iced coffee fix, simply put some iced coffee cubes in a cup and top with cold milk! Plus, you can use these coffee cubes for up to two weeks! Click here to view the recipe.

Bailey’s Iced Coffee
Did someone say Bailey’s Iced Coffee!? This is perfect for those afternoon coffee breaks turn into evening coffee breaks, this spiked version of iced coffee is everything you could ask for! After all, its five o’clock somewhere! Watch this video on how to create your own tipsy iced coffee.

If you try these recipes at home, share your best iced coffee pictures with us over on Facebook and Twitter.

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