Ditch the single-use plastics and help to save the environment by investing in a reusable water bottle. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run or work in an office and simply just want to drink more water, we’ve rounded up our favourite reusable bottles to help keep you hydrated this summer.

1. S’well 17oz Floral Retreat Water Bottle, £34.99
In a colourful and exotic floral print, the S’well Floral Retreat Water Bottle will look pretty sitting beside you on your office desk, reminding you to take a break from the screen and take a sip of water. It has been crafted from double walled stainless steel and is the perfect size for your handbag so you can take it anywhere and everywhere with you! Thanks to its hardwearing material, vacuum seal and screw top, you won’t have to worry about it leaking or crumpling up in your bag like a bog standard plastic bottle would!

In addition, it has been designed to keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours so there’s no need to keep this gorgeous bottle tucked away in the work fridge! 

2. Bio-Synergy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, £14.99
Bio-synergy has launched a fruit infuser water bottle to liven up hydration, without the added sugars. With so many different fruit combinations, you can get creative by simply loading your favourite fruit(s) into the fruit chamber to add their natural flavours to the water – we recommend apple and raspberry. As you drink you’ll take in the fruits antioxidants and vitamins and you won’t have to worry about the calorie intake or those pesky chemicals. You could try citrus fruits, kiwi and blueberry or even mint leaves – the choices are endless! 

3. Nike Hyperfuel Bottle 32oz, £14
In a bright green and pink, the Nike Hyperfuel Bottle is the ultimate gym bottle! As the bottle is suction activated it promises not to leak and with a strategically placed grip it’s easy to handle.

4. Bobble Iconic, £10.49
Available in a selection of colours, this is the original bobble bottle that filters water as you drink so you don’t have to worry about taking any nasties in. As a transparent bottle it shows off the clever replaceable carbon filter that captures chlorine and organic contaminants. The reusable bottle is available in the sizes of 550ml or 1litre.

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