From sore red gums and flushed cheeks to dribbling and gnawing on anything they can get their prying hands on, teething is not a pretty time for your little one. It’s a stage that seems to last for ages, so we’ve rounded up our pick of the best teething toys and remedies to help make it as painless as possible.

So, what is teething?
Teething is when your baby’s teeth ‘erupt’ or break through the gums and when it comes to this sore subject, every baby is different. Some babies are born with a couple of teeth and others won’t start teething until as late as 12 months, but generally their first teeth should come in at around six months.

There are so many lovely teething toys and rings available to buy, but here are just some of our favourites to help with those aching gums:

1. Boo the Bunny Natural Teething Toy, RRP £9.95
In brown, Boo is soft, flexible and has a cute design. The happy little bunny sits on a small textured grab handle, perfectly designed for little hands to grasp onto. With big ears designed to reach those painful back teeth as they come through, Boo is strong and has loads of different textures and edges for your child to explore and nibble on.

2. Sophie La Girafe Teether, RRP £15
Easy for little hands to get a hold on, the Sophie La Girafe Teether is a popular toy for babies with sore gums and has been for the past 50 years. With a friendly face and a soft rubber body, Sophie La Girafe is a sweet companion for your little one as they tackle the challenges that teething throws at them.

3. Turquoise Gummee Glove, RRP £11.99
Ideal for babies who haven’t quite found their grip, this mitten is designed to be worn. Suitable for babies aged between 3-6 months old, the mitten features silicone side teethers and a detachable heart-shaped ring.

4. Light Blue Monkey Teething Toy, RRP £9.99
Available in a variety of bold colours, Matchstick Monkey is a fun and flexible teething applicator. The applicator helps to target the source of the pain when paired with teething gels and granules without getting your fingers nibbled on when trying to apply the soothers yourself.

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