Pancakes…What could possibly go wrong? You just whip up a batter and fry them up, right? While the art behind pancake making is simple, there is so much that can go wrong along the way like burning your pancakes, cracking egg shell in the batter and sobbing over your new frying pan because it’s been ruined. Pancake Day fails happen to the best of us, even Daddy Pig, that’s why we’ve put a guide together on how you can make the perfect pancakes.

Setting the temperature too high
We know this is easier said than done but temperature is key to making perfect pancakes. Yes, the frying pan should be hot. But make the mistake of setting the temperature too high and your pancakes will burn or they won’t rise. Go for a medium heat and don’t be afraid to turn it down if it feels too hot. Oh, and don’t get distracted reading this article while cooking your own pancakes!

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Faffing with your pancakes
I’m sure we’re all guilty of this. Once the pancake is cooking on the pan, give it a moment. While the temptation to flip and shake the pan (to loosen the pancake) is high it will only hinder the pancake from rising properly. Just wait patiently…when the bubbles start to pop you can go ahead and make the flip.

Not using the right utensils
Use a silicone spatula or plastic to check, turn and get your pancakes out of the frying pan. Avoid using metal utensils as this will scratch off the non-stick coating from your pan.

Egg shell in the batter
Whether you’re making pancakes or some other luscious dessert, we’ve all been here before awkwardly fishing egg shell pieces out of a mix. If this happens don’t panic, you have options. You can either use the other half of the egg shell to scoop out the little pieces or wet your fingers and dive straight in! If you don’t even want to chance this happening, crack the egg into a separate bowl away from the flour and milk.

Pouring oil directly into the pan
If you pour oil directly into the pan, it may pool in some areas while leaving other parts of the pan dry. The uneven cooking will leave you with a half burnt half raw pancake and no one wants that, do they? Apply the oil to a pan using wadded paper towels to avoid this mishap.

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