[AD] There’s so much fun to be had with Plasticine, the original modelling compound that never dries out!

Plasticine has been around since 1987 and we all know that a little goes a long way, as this awesome compound doesn’t dry out and can be re-used time and time again!

So, we’ve taken a look at some quick fire ‘throw-downs’ that you can have a go at with Plasticine.

Suggested Throw Downs


  1. All players write down five different objects/animals and pop their suggestions into a bowl
  2. Each player takes it in turns to be the artist
  3. Select a piece of paper from the bowl. Take a look at what you’ve got to create and then set the time and GO!
  4. Give yourself a minute to create the sculpture
  5. Everyone else who is playing can shout out their answers until it is guessed correctly
  6. Keep all the models you create and line them up next to one another
  7. As a team, decide who made the best sculpture and they can be crowned the winner!
  8. Need some ideas for your game? Why not try a bus, coconut, banana, Jelly Baby, lighthouse, car, trainer, elephant, BBQ, whistle.


Make a Monster Challenge

  1. Inspired by this cool colouring sheet (which you can also download and complete below)
  2. Why not set your little monsters off on a Plasticine challenge… to create their own Plasticine Monsters!
  3. They can use the colouring sheet as inspiration or from these images below
  4. You can make your own monster or try and copy one of the below designs!


Copycat Challenges
Plasticine is such a favourite amongst all ages that we’ve been on the lookout for some of our favourite pieces of fan artwork!

Take a look at our favourites below and try replicating them yourselves at home. These were all made from Plasticine, so we’d love to see your attempts!

Unicorn by Stefano Colferai


Toucan by Moskovka_Olga


Cool Hedgehog by Natalja Swiridowa

Remember to tag us in all of your creations on social media with @Flair_GP on Facebook and Instagram as we’d love to see your efforts!

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