After much (heated!) discussion in the UKMums.TV office, we’ve come up with our Top 5 Most Memorable Disney Moments – but we’d love to hear your thoughts too! Share your faves on social media and while you’re there don’t forget to enter our competition on Facebook.

UK Mums TV’s top five most memorable Disney moments

1. Frozen – No disputing, the first time we saw Elsa ‘Let It Go’ to create that amazing ice castle whilst singing THAT song, we got shivers! And it’s been stuck in our heads – and hearts – ever since.

2. Beauty and the Beast – Tale as old as time it may be, but there’s something permanently enchanting about Belle and the Beast taking to the dancefloor in the grand ballroom of the beast’s castle. It somehow captured the magic of every Disney love story up to that point, and some might say, ever since.

3. Snow White – ‘The fairest of them all’ kicked off the Disney Princess craze and taught us all to dream for a Prince to whisk us away…but the most memorable – and nightmare-inducing! – scene has to be the Evil Queen disguised as a creepy old woman giving Snow White the poison apple.

4. Monsters Inc – One of the funniest ever Disney Pixar films for so many reasons, but who could forget the adorable Boo calling Sulley ‘Kitty’ one last time at the end of the film? We defy anyone not to cry!

5. Tangled – Whether you saw it in 3D at the cinema or not, the lanterns on the lake scene literally makes us gasp every time.

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