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Don’t worry, we aren’t going to get preachy here but we really do think that helping the environment starts with the small changes, and with World Environment Day and World Oceans Day both happening this week what better time than now to talk about it! It’s super easy to do at home and there are loads of tiny changes that can make a difference, here are just a few we have tried out!

  1. Buy eco-friendly alternatives
    You can get reusable substitutions for almost everything nowadays, and most of them are better than the original! We LOVE these reusable bamboo cotton pads (RRP £10.99) and Bee’s Wrap (RRP £18.95) instead of clingfilm.

    Bee’s Wrap Set Of 3 – RRP £18.95

  1. Pick up poo plastic free
    Swap your regular dog poo bags for bio-degradable ones – simple!

    Yingdelai dog poo bags – RRP £11.49 for 390 bags

    3. Spray no more
    Say no to aerosols and swap with alternatives such as roll-on deodorant and aerosol free hairspray from the likes of Big Sexy Hair and TIGI Bed Head.

    4. Ditch the Dettol wipes
    Antibacterial wipes aren’t great for the environment and they don’t decompose very well either. Substitute the single-use plastic for disinfectant fluid (Dettol and Zoflora smell so good!) and use a microfibre cloth to wipe worktops clean. You can then wash your cloths regularly to keep them fresh and clean and reuse them again and again!

  1. Make an effort with your food waste
    It really isn’t too difficult to make more of an effort with our waste. Invest in a compost bin for the kitchen and be religious in making sure all food scraps go in it, and then in the brown compost bin outside. Keep your bins clean with compostable bin bags too – take a look at these ones from BioLiner (RRP £9.99 for 150 liners)!

    KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Metal Kitchen Compost Bin available in a variety of colours – RRP £14.99

    Educating your family on recycling food packaging is also a really simple start too! Knowing what goes where is easy, especially if you follow this simple guide from Recycle Now.

  2. Sip in style
    Be that one gal (or guy!) who hands out the stainless steel straws (RRP £11.99) at summer garden parties this year and don’t be afraid to whip them out when dining at a restaurant or drinking cider in a beer garden.


So there you go, simple swaps and steps that you can take to help do your bit for the environment! What eco-friendly changes have you made recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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